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August 17, 2019 Firearms Auction

Form must be completed by Friday August 16th 8pm MST.

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Applications are reviewed manually and takes time.
Your patience is appreciated.


(as written on PAL)

(as written on PAL)

(as written on PAL)

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Ammo will be shipped
through Purolator a
few weeks after the auction.


I Understand

All other items will be shipped through
Canada Post. Go to
to review limitations.

I require my items shipped
I will pick up my items locally in Edmonton

NOTE: You MUST pay by
Mar 20th or your card will be

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Canadian Bidders
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Prohib 12-6

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American & International Bidders
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Bidders outside of Canada are not able to purchase
Non-Antique firearms from this auction.

I Understand
Don't answer this if you're a Canadian living in Canada.

I Understand
Don't answer this if you're a Canadian living in Canada.

I Understand
Don't answer this if you're a Canadian living in Canada.

I Understand
Don't answer this if you're a Canadian living in Canada.
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Allow 24 hours for approval. Incomplete applications will be ignored.
   Frequently Asked Questions   


Why must I fill this out for every auction?

There are several benefits for this but the two main reasons are:

A: Hundreds (and hundreds) of people register for each auction and many are new. It saves the auction house hours/days of work by simply sending the form to everyone rather than verifying who's information is previously saved.

B: A bidders information may change between auctions (ex. PAL conditions, legal address, etc) and the auction house needs to know before that bidder can bid on restricted items.

Why do you need this before I even bid on anything?

The firearms registration office brings in extra staff during our auction to handle our transfers.

If you bid on any restricted or prohibited items the new certification registration is transferred immediately after the item has sold. There is no time to contact each person to get that information during an auction.

It's been 24 hours and I haven't been approved.

The closer it is to auction day the more applications are submitted which can take a while to review so be patient. Common reasons for not being approved are:

-Fake name registered on iCollector (most common)
-Missing/incorrect information

If you believe your application was correct and you are not approved email Michael at

How do I get ammo shipped?

-This is new for this auction. We are shipping ammo through Purolator a few weeks after the auction. Only ammo will be shipped by them no matter what you purchase.

All ammo in the auction will be shipped to respective buyers at the same time.

Go to to review their limitations.

When will my items be shipped to me?

Approximately 50% of each auction is bought online and needs to be shipped. Items are shipped in the order of how quickly they are paid and how simple they are to package.

It takes roughly 3 weeks of 12 hour days to get everything packaged, invoiced and mailed out.

I bought a restricted/prohibited firearm. When will I get it?

The transfer information is sent out the moment the item sold during the auction. After that the auction house has no control over the transfer.

The current estimates from the firearms office suggest Prohibited Firearm transfers will be 6+ weeks.

Bidders that bought guns they cannot legally own must still pay for them. The firearms will be resold at a future auction at buyers expense. The auction house does not guarantee a profitable return.

I'm in America. Can I buy a firearm?

Americans can be approved to bid on firearms if they provide the information required in the next question.

How do I bring a gun to America?

-The process takes between 2 to 6 months.
-The cost of brokering/shipping is about $600 per firearm (regardless of firearms actual value).
-The name and shipping information is required for a Canadian broker & and American broker that will take possession of your firearm and fill out the required paperwork for BOTH countries.
-The name of the Canadian broker is required to be permanently carved/marked into the firearm.

I'm in America. Can I buy antiques?

Yes but it is up to the you (the bidder) to verify that the firearm is considered an antique in BOTH countries before bidding. Regulations are different in both countries and even between some states.

NOTE: A firearm that is registered as Prohibited in Canada will never be allowed to leave the country under certain conditions. American antique laws are not relevant.

Shipping Guide:

No ammo/powder/primers/etc (explosive components) will be shipped.

shipping prices:
Handgun box (holds 2-5 handguns): $40
Rifle box (holds 1-3 long guns): $60
XL Rifle Box (holds 3-5 long guns): $100

Prices include all costs including shipping/packaging/labour/signature/etc.
All items are packed together to lower shipping costs where possible.

All other items are shipped through Canada Post. Go to to get rates. The auction will not price out items before an auction.

Items to large for Canada Post are the responsibility of the buyer.

Buyers Outside Of Canada:
All items are shipped through Canada Post. Go to to get rates. The auction will not price out items before an auction.