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Lot 001

British 1877 gold 1/2 sovereign coin with Young Victoria head and observe shield

Lot 001-2

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Lot 004

Antique button tufted foot stool with hinged lid for storage and fitted with large carved paw feet

Lot 004-2

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Lot 006

Two American silver dollars including 1902 from the Philadelphia mint and a scarce 1928 -S from the San Francisco mint

Lot 006-2

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Lot 007

1989 Royal Canadian Mint "Huron Indian and Missionary 1639 Sainte-Marie 1989" $100 coin comprising of 58.3% .999 fine gold and 41.7% pure silver

Lot 007-2

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Lot 008

Elgin size 16, 15 jewel pocket watch. Grade 313, model 7. Serial # 30618136 dates to 1928, 3/4 nickel plate stem wind and set movement signed Elgin Natl Watch Co. U.S.A. Single sunk white porlcain dial with blold black Arabic numbers and blue matching spade style hands. Comes in a 10kt Star Watch Case Co. open face case with deco style wallpaper pattern and blank shield on back cover. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 008-2

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Lot 008-3

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Lot 009

Waltham size 16, 15 jewel pocket watch. Grade 620. Serial # 27108534, dates this watch to 1830. 3/4 nickel plate, stem wind and set movement signed A.W.W. Co. Waltham, Mass. U.S.A. Single sunk white porcelain dial with bold black Arabic numbers and blued spade style hands. Open face Fortune 10kt gold filled case. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 009-2

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Lot 009-3

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Lot 010

Waltham size 18, 17 jewel pocket watch. Grade 85, model 1883. Serial # 12007566 dates to 1902. Split gilt plate, stem wind and set movement signed P.S. Bartlett, Waltham, Mass. Single sunk white porcelain dial with blued spade style hands and black Arabic numbers. Open face gold filled Philadelphia Watch Case Co. case with ornate leaf and floral engraving on back cover. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 010-2

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Lot 010-3

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Lot 012

Framed original watercolour painting titled on verso "Sunday Afternoon" and signed by artist Hazel Litzgus, 21" X 30"

Lot 012-2

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Lot 017

Birks sterling silver dresser set including hand mirror, hairbrush and comb plus a pair of inlaid mother-of-pearl opera glasses with small purse

Lot 017-2

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Lot 017-3

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Lot 017-4

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Lot 018

Gilt framed oil on canvas painting of a cowboy scout signed by artist A. Miller 1851, 19 1/2" X 23 1/2"

Lot 018-2

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Lot 021

Selection of Canadian collector coins including 1967 decimal set, four 50 cent pieces including two 1945,1954 and 1957, plastic container of 1967 dimes, plastic containing of quarters, mostly 1967, 1991 quarter, a sheet of three 1940's and 1950's quarters and four 2002 50 cent coins

Lot 021-2

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Lot 023

Two framed original pictures including a watercolour titled "Montmarte" signed by artist Guisnier (?) 9" X 12" and a coloured pencil drawing titled "Lewes Castle" signed artist Capackham (?) 5" X 7"

Lot 023-2

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Lot 023-3

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Lot 024

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Lot 024-2

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Lot 026

Mid century David Andersen designed sterling silver and enamel brooch marked Uni D-A- Norway

Lot 027

Pair of vintage 9ct yellow gold and pearl earrings plus two gold pins including Birks 10kt

Lot 033

Framed original watercolour painting titled on verso "September Snow- Kananaskis" 7" X 8"

Lot 033-2

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Lot 033-3

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Lot 041

Semi contemporary Mission style three piece entertainment unit with leaded glass doors

Lot 044

Contemporary storage chest with simulated hand hammered hardware

Lot 044-2

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Lot 045

Framed limited edition print titled "Blue Shadows-Arctic Fox" pencil signed by artist Ron Parker, 407/650

Lot 045-2

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Lot 045-3

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Lot 046

Twelve Royal Doulton "Coniston" china cups and saucers HN5030

Lot 046-2

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Lot 046-3

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Lot 047

Mid 20th century center pedestal walnut wine table

Lot 048

Antique Oriental blue and white charger with woman overlooking her garden scene, 14 1/2" in diameter

Lot 048-3

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Lot 054

Mid century modern four door sideboard with inside drawers on right side and display hutch with glass sliding doors

Lot 055

Philadelphia size 18, 11 jewel pocket watch. Serial # 27088379, dates to 1886 (the last year of production). Split gilt plate stem wind and lever set movement signed Pan-American, Philadelphia U.S.A with single dunk dial and black Roman numerals and matching blued spade style hands. Comes in a Swingout Keystone Watch Co. guaranteed silver case with blank shield on back cover. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 055-2

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Lot 056

Hampden size 18, 17 jewel pocket watch. Grade 64, model 3. Serial # 1756862 dates to 1902. Nickel split plate stem wind lever set movement signed Hampden Watch Co. Canton, Ohio. Has single sunk white porcelain dial with black Arabic numbers and matching blued spade style hands. comes in a swingout gold filled Fahys Montauk Guaranteed 20 year case. Workng at time of cataloguing

Lot 056-2

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Lot 057

Eight Canadian silver dollar coins including 1951, 1953, two 1958, 196s, 1964 and two 1966

Lot 057-2

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Lot 058

Twenty Canadian silver half dollars ranging from 1919-1964 and a 1967

Lot 058-2

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Lot 059

Sheet containing nineteen early Canadian small silver 5 cent coins 1888-1920 and a sheet of twenty British three pence and six pence coins

Lot 059-2

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Lot 060

Seven sterling silver pieces including JM Assayers 5 troy ounce bar serial no. 001657, mint sealed 1996 Maple leaf $5 coin, St. Johns Newfoundland Confederation commemorative token, 1992 World Series token, 1993 World Series token, two 1993 Merry Christmas token featuring Santa in his sleigh

Lot 060-2

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Lot 061

Pair of antique porcelain Oriental cylinder vases with hand painted dragons and chrysanthemums and pierced openings 11" in height

Lot 061-2

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Lot 061-3

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Lot 061-4

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Lot 062

Antique Seth Thomas chiming mantle clock, working at time of cataloguing

Lot 062-2

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Lot 063

Framed original pastel on paper portrait of a small child signed by artist Nicholas de Grandmaison, 17" X 13"

Lot 063-2

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Lot 064

Framed limited edition print titled " Arctic Cliff-White Wolves" pencil signed by artist Robert Bateman, 4469/13000, note needs glass

Lot 064-2

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Lot 064-3

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Lot 065

Boxed Independence Commemorative coin set, issue 1966 for the "Kingdom of Lesotho" South Africa with three .22ct gold coins and three pure silver coins, note set missing one silver coin

Lot 065-2

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Lot 065-3

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Lot 065-4

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Lot 065-5

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Lot 066

1980 Russian Olympic 100 ruble gold coin with the Official symbol of the XXII Olympiad against the globe and palm branch and "Sport & Peace" on obverse

Lot 066-2

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Lot 067

Selection of vintage jewellery including sterling silver and Scottish green marble brooch, shamrock style bracelet and pin plus an etched sterling silver bangle and brooch plus a thistle marcasite brooch and marcasite earrings, a signed Bond brooch etc.

Lot 068

Large hand painted Royal Dux polar bear 16" in height

Lot 068-2

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Lot 068-3

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Lot 068-4

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Lot 068-5

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Lot 069

Royal Dux porcelain elephant 12" in length

Lot 069-2

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Lot 069-3

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Lot 069-4

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Lot 069-5

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Lot 070

Vintage open arm office chair made by The B. L. Marble Chair Co, Redford, Ohio

Lot 073

Gilt framed original acrylic on board seascape titled "Sun Wave" signed by artist and marked on verso David Lacey, 9" X 12"

Lot 073-2

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Lot 074

Small mission style library table with undershelf

Lot 075

Early Oriental hand painted crane and floral motif cylinder vase 9 1/2" in height

Lot 075-2

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Lot 075-3

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Lot 075-4

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Lot 076

Royal Doulton "The Lobster Man" HN2317 and a musical desk ornament featuring kalediscope and rotating art glass globe

Lot 076-2

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Lot 078

Vintage maple open arm side chair

Lot 083

Leather wall art button, marked on verso "Sunset Series" and signed by artist Paul S. Williams, 1980 and a 35 1/2" Africian carved walking stick

Lot 083-2

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Lot 083-3

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Lot 084

Sterling silver carving set including meat fork and carving knife and a pair of poultry shears with sterling silver handles

Lot 084-2

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Lot 086

Victorian style upholstered slipper chair with tasteful carved decoration

Lot 091

Quality antique cloisone vase featuring birds, butterfly and foliage 12" in height

Lot 091-2

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Lot 091-3

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Lot 091-4

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Lot 091-5

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Lot 092

Framed limited edition print "Candlelight Stroll" pencil signed by artist Trisha Romance, 11407/15000

Lot 093

Elgin size 16 pocket watch with 15 jewerl grade 221, model 7. SErial # 10439963, dates to 1904. 3/4 split nickel plate stem wind and set movement signed Elgin Natl Watch Co. Fancy coloured singled sunk porcelain dial with silver accents and black Arabic numbers and fancy matching French traditional style gold hands. This watch comes in an open face gold filled Philidelphia Watch Case Co. 20 year cAse wtih ornate leaf and floral engraving and cottage scene on back cover. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 093-2

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Lot 093-3

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Lot 094

Waltham size 18 pocket watch, 13 jewel Grade R.E Robbins model 1883. Serial # 2787157, dates to 1886. Gilt full plate stem wind and set movement signed American Waltham Watch Co. Has singled sunk dial with roman numerals and blued matching Arrowhead style hands. This watch comes in open faced gold filled case signed "America" with stars and stripes flag. This R.E. Robbins moden is rare and working at time of cataloguing

Lot 094-2

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Lot 094-3

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Lot 095

Hamilton size 12, 17 jewel pocket watch. Grade 910, model 1. Serial # 1778913 dates to 1914, 3/4 nickel plate stem wind and set movement signed Hamilton Watch Co. Lancaster PA. Single sunk dial with fancy black Arabic numbers and matching blued spade style hands. Comes in an open face Fahys Bristol gold filled 25 year case. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 095-2

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Lot 095-3

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Lot 095-4

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Lot 096

Crystalline Collection Italian made acrylic mother and child motif table lamp by artist W. Anina, 21" in height

Lot 096-2

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Lot 096-3

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Lot 096-4

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Lot 098

Antique quarter cut oak, three drawer mirrored low boy

Lot 099

Contemporary Belgium made round fringed scatter rug 50" in diameter

Lot 102

Antique round oak center pedestal dining table with one leaf

Lot 103

Pair of semi contemporary Oriental style hand painted floor vases with swan motif handles and serpent design 42" in height

Lot 103-2

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Lot 103-3

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Lot 104

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Lot 104-2

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Lot 104-3

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Lot 105

Pair of antique Japanese Katani/Satsuma vases with moriage and gilt decoration and winding serpents round neck of vases, 7" in height

Lot 105-02

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Lot 105-03

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Lot 105-04

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Lot 105-05

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Lot 105-06

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Lot 105-07

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Lot 105-08

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Lot 105-09

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Lot 105-10

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Lot 106

Quality server with cutlery drawer and two door storage and fold over serving top made by Ethan Allen

Lot 106-2

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Lot 106-3

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Lot 107

Framed original watercolour painting titled on verso "Homestead Buildings" signed by artist Isabelle Levesque, 11" X 15"

Lot 107-2

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Lot 107-3

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Lot 108

Vintage wool area rug with overall geometric pattern in tone of blues, taupe and reds, 47" X 66"

Lot 109

Johnson Matthew 5 gram .999 pure gold bar and a 1910 American Indian head 8ct gold mini coin

Lot 109-2

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Lot 109-3

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Lot 109-4

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Lot 110

1912 American 2 1/2 dollar "Indian head" gold coin

Lot 110-2

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Lot 122

Unusual antique roll top desk with fitted interior, pull out writing surface and three drawers in base, designed for compact use with 19" in depth and 38" wide

Lot 122-2

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Lot 123

Framed print " Sea Raven Gwa-wis" signed by artist Chief Henry Speck

Lot 123-2

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Lot 123-3

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Lot 124

Three framed Arthur Rackham prints including "Bastinado", "The Wizard" and "The Gossips"

Lot 125

Pair of vintage Moorcroft pomegranate vases 7 1/4" in height

Lot 125-2

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Lot 126

English oak hall stand with cherub motif tile, mirror, glove box, five coat hooks (one missing) and original stick/umbrella drip trays

Lot 127

Canadian 1912, $5 gold coin with George V and obverse coat of arms

Lot 127-2

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Lot 128

Canadian $100 Olympic "776 B.C - 1976 A-D" 14kt gold coin

Lot 128-2

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Lot 129

Selection of West German china lovestory including four cups and saucers, teapot, cream, lidded sugar, pierced handled snack tray, four small side dishes and four small plates

Lot 129-2

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Lot 129-3

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Lot 130

Pair of antique iridescent frou frou glass vases with applied colourless glass flowers designed in Bohemia by Johann Lotz Witwe

Lot 130-2

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Lot 131

Two sheets of Canadian quarters including 1968 and prior and a sheet containing 1960, 1962, 1963, 1064, 1965, 1966, 1968 and twelve 1969-1980

Lot 131-2

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Lot 132

Sheet of twenty Canadian silver dollars including 1943- 1965

Lot 132-2

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Lot 133

Eight Canadian silver dollars including 1954, 1958 and six 1964, note four in factory sealed packaging

Lot 133-2

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Lot 138

Antique mahogany cased grandfather clock with two train weight driven chiming movement, face labeled Liodall & Sons, Edinburgh

Lot 138-2

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Lot 139

Framed limited edition print titled "Sacred Circle" pencil signed by artist Bev Doolittle, 34641/40192

Lot 139-2

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Lot 142

Three peice French provincial bedroom suite including five drawer highboy, eight drawer mirrored dresser and double size headboard, footboard and rails

Lot 142-2

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Lot 146

Selection of mid century modern furniture including side table with under shelf, entertainment stand and pottery table lamp

Lot 146-2

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Lot 150

Art deco chrome and brass horse head motif torche lamp with glass shade

Lot 154

Large antique style modern chest on chest dining room cabinet with illuminated display hutch with cutlery drawer made by Lexington

Lot 155

Quality solid cherry dining table with two large insert leaves and full sized protector/silencer pad plus eight dining chairs made by Lexington Furniture U.S.A

Lot 155-2

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Lot 158

Matched grain mahogany two tier occasional table with slender tapered legs

Lot 162

Pair of quality modern closed arm side chairs with nail head decoration made by Sam Moore Furniture, Virginia

Lot 162-2

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Lot 164

Framed original oil on paper painting titled "White Lilies" by artist Hilary Prince, 29" X 21"

Lot 164-2

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Lot 166

Quarter cut oak English made barley twist draw leaf dining table with four slat back dining chairs

Lot 167

Six Canadian silver dollars including 1935, 1937, 1952, 1953, 1958 and 1963

Lot 167-2

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Lot 168

Seventeen Canadian dollar coins, assorted years from the 1970's and 80's

Lot 168-2

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Lot 168-3

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Lot 168-4

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Lot 168-5

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Lot 169

Six cased Canadian decimal coins sets including 1973, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1987 and 1993

Lot 170

Eleven Canadian decimal sets including 1969, 1970, 1972, 1975, 1976, two 1979, 1980, 1981, 1992 and 1994

Lot 170-2

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Lot 170-3

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Lot 170-4

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Lot 171

Selection of Paragon "Athena" china tableware including eight each of dinner plates, lunch and bread plates, cups and saucers plus two round and two oval open serving dishes

Lot 171-2

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Lot 171-3

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Lot 172

Three framed original watercolour paintings of children playing signed by artist Susan Gardiner, two 8" X 12" and one 8" X 8"

Lot 172-2

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Lot 172-3

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Lot 172-4

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Lot 173

Antique woven tapestry of a Belgian balcony scene 49" X 36"

Lot 174

Modern oak hall seat with mirrored back and coat hooks complete with flip seat storage area

Lot 174-2

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Lot 175

Small wool scatter rug with emerald green back and center medallion with taupe and black highlights, 24" X 48"

Lot 176

Antique baby grand piano with decorative exotic wood and ivory keys made by Julien Quidoz Pianos, St. Therese, QB with matching flip seat upholstered bench

Lot 176-2

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Lot 176-3

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Lot 176-4

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Lot 176-5

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Lot 178

Modern two door console table with undershelf and back board, made by Ethan Allen

Lot 178-2

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Lot 179

Antique oak framed oil on board painting of a autumn wooded creek scene signed by artist N. Wirtz, 19" X 27"

Lot 179-2

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Lot 182

Antique style mahogany Davenport with flip lid, fitted interior and drawers on both sides of base

Lot 182-2

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Lot 183

Elegant antique caned wicker rocking chair

Lot 186

Mahogany server with single drawer and two doors made by Gibbard

Lot 186-2

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Lot 190

Large semi contemporary Oriental floor vase with hand painted scenes 73" in height

Lot 190-2

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Lot 190-3

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Lot 191

Pair of antique Japanese soft paste handpainted baluster vases with beautiful painted pictorial winter village scene and birds and foliage on opposite side 11" in height

Lot 191-2

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Lot 191-3

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Lot 191-4

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Lot 191-5

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Lot 193

Two Royal Worcester figurines including Ciaro Water Carrier femaled and male figures Rd. No. 84463 and 84464, approximately 9" in height

Lot 193-2

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Lot 193-3

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Lot 193-4

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Lot 193-5

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Lot 193-6

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Lot 193-7

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Lot 193-8

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Lot 194

Set of four mid century modern teak framed dining chairs with upholstered seats

Lot 194-2

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Lot 196

Framed limited edition print titled "Majestic Flight" pencil signed by artist Fred Buchwitz, 120/500

Lot 196-2

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Lot 196-3

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Lot 198

Interesting patio style tub chair with curved foot stool, perfect for summer relaxing

Lot 202

Mahogany framed button tufted Victorian full sized sofa

Lot 203

Three Goebel Hummel figurines including apple tree boy, Peter the goat herd and a boy with basket

Lot 203-2

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Lot 204

Four small Hummel figurines including singing lesson, chimney sweep, happy wanderer and little drummer

Lot 204-2

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Lot 204-3

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Lot 205

Waltham size 12 pocket watch, grade 220, 15 jewel. Serial # 23751166 dates to 1920. Nickel 3.4 split plate stem wind and set movement signed A.W.W.Co. Waltham, Mass. Single sunk deco style silver dial with black Arabic numbers, with matching blued moon style hands. Comes in gold filled open face Philadelphia Watch Co case with deco style wallpaper design and black shield on the back cover. Comes with original 10" pocket watch chain. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 205-2

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Lot 205-3

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Lot 206

Eligin size 16 pocket watch, 17 jewel grade 342. Serial # 19362125 dates to 1917. 3/4 nicke4l plate, pendant wind and lever set movement signed Elgin Natl Watch Co. USA. Has a perfect double sunk white porcelain dial with black Arabic numbers and matching blue spade style hands. Gold filled open face Dueber case with leaf and floral engraving on the back cover with blank shield. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 206-2

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Lot 206-3

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Lot 207

Rockford size 0, 15 jewel, grade 160. Serial # 639585, dates to 1904. With three finger nickel plate stem wind and set engraved checkerboard movement signed Rockford Watch Co. White porcelain dial with black Roman numerals and matchign blued spade style hands. Gold filled SBW case that is marked to wear permanently with leaf and floral engraving. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 207-2

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Lot 207-3

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Lot 207-4

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Lot 208

2006 United States Mint "Buffalo gold bullion" $50 .9999 fine gold bullion coin in presentation case

Lot 208-2

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Lot 209

Canadian 1913, $5 gold coin with George V and obverse coat of arms

Lot 209-2

Alternate image

Lot 210

Antique walnut center pedestal occasional table with simulated wooden rivet design

Lot 211

Large selection of Canadian nickels and a few foreign coins including Italian

Lot 211-2

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Lot 211-3

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Lot 211-4

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Lot 211-5

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Lot 212

Nineteen Canadian silver dollars including 1912, 1916, two 1918, 1938, 1941, 1946, 1949, two each of 1950 and 1952, 1953, 1956, 1957 ,1958 and 1960

Lot 212-2

Alternate image

Lot 213

Eight 1966 Canadian silver dollars

Lot 213-2

Alternate image

Lot 214

Three pieces mahogany set of French provincial nesting tables made by Baetz

Lot 215

Sterling silver dish with beaded edge decoration made by Tiffany & Co. 4 1/2" in diameter and a sterling silver footed dish with British hallmarks

Lot 215-2

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Lot 215-3

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Lot 215-4

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Lot 218

Antique style modern solid cherry server with two doors and two drawers including cultery drawer, standing on tall cabriole supports made by Lexington

Lot 222

1980 Year of the monkey $1000 Hong Kong dollar .22ct gold coin

Lot 222-2

Alternate image

Lot 223

Canadian 1912, $10 gold coin with George V and obverse Canadian coat of arms

Lot 223-2

Alternate image

Lot 226

Semi contemporary demi lune chest with simulated inlay, four center drawers flanked by two doors with faux drawer fronts

Lot 226-2

Alternate image

Lot 230

Regency style mahogany double pedestal drop leaf dining table with two fully skirted insert leaves with six shield back upholstered seat dining chairs

Lot 232

Five pieces of Royal Worcester Evesham including four souffle dishes and a lidded vegetable dish

Lot 233

Nine place setting of Royal Worcester Evesham including dinner plates, luncheon plates, bread plate and cups and saucers plus eight cereal bowls

Lot 234

Antique two section barristers' stacking book case with base and top

Lot 236

Chevrolet Silverado 2007, Z-71 4 X4 1500 truck with extended cab, leather heated seats with memory control, air conditioning, cruise control, premium Bose sound system, trailer towing, spray in box liner, chrome box rails, running board, 5.3 ltr V8 engine, automatic transmission, 161,069 kms, Serial No. 1GCEK19JX7Z62292

Lot 236-02

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Lot 236-03

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Lot 236-04

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Lot 236-05

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Lot 236-06

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Lot 236-07

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Lot 236-08

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Lot 236-09

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Lot 236-10

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Lot 236-11

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Lot 236-12

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Lot 236-13

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Lot 236-14

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Lot 236-15

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Lot 236-16

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Lot 236-17

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Lot 237

1969 two door Ford LTD, with over 90% restoration completed including rebuilt 390 motor, 36 transmission, large selection of parts to complete, glass, hub caps, chrome, trim and more, does not currently have exhaust system, must be viewed in person to appreciate, runs great! Serial # C9AF-17504B

Lot 237-02

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Lot 237-03

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Lot 237-04

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Lot 237-05

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Lot 237-06

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Lot 237-07

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Lot 237-08

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Lot 237-09

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Lot 237-10

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Lot 237-11

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Lot 237-12

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Lot 237-13

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Lot 237-14

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Lot 237-15

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Lot 237-16

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Lot 237-17

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Lot 237-18

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Lot 237-19

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Lot 237-20

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Lot 237-21

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Lot 237-22

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Lot 238

Antique style four tier open book/display shelf with two drawers in base, 77" in height

Lot 239

John Deere S420 hydrostatic drive riding mower with 18.5 hsp engine, 42" deck and 31 total hours

Lot 239-2

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Lot 239-3

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Lot 239-4

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Lot 239-5

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Lot 239-6

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Lot 240

John Deere pull behind sweeper STS-42JD

Lot 240-2

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Lot 241

Framed original acrylic on board abstract landscape painting by Edmonton artist R.L. (Ron) Myren, 15 1/2" X 23 1/2"

Lot 241-2

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Lot 241-3

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Lot 242

Set of six matching Victorian balloon back dining chairs with carved flower basket designed back and needlepoint upholstered seats

Lot 243

Framed original pen and ink on paper picture labeled on verso "Bunkhouse scene winter 1914-1915 Scotty Gow's Ranch, Maple Creek, Sask and signed by artist R.D. Symoms (?) 6 1/2" X 8"

Lot 243-2

Alternate image

Lot 244

Royal Doulton "Tapestry" fine china dinnerware including settings for six of dinner plates, side plates, bread and butter plates, teacups and saucers, fruit nappies, ramikins, plus one small and one larger lidded casserole dishes, oval shaped platter, two sauce boats, one with drip tray, small square dish and open sugar bowl

Lot 244-2

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Lot 244-3

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Lot 246

Pair of his and hers Victorian button tufted parlour chairs

Lot 246-2

Alternate image

Lot 247

Framed limited edition print of a Swan and cygnets pencil signed by artist Maurade Baynton, 571/2500

Lot 247-2

Alternate image

Lot 247-3

Alternate image

Lot 250

Two pieces of oak mid 20th century parlour furniture including small Mission style four tier bookshelf and a side table with book storage

Lot 254

Antique quarter cut oak Mission style reclining Morris chair with book storage inside lower arm and both arms open to exposed storage areas

Lot 256

Selection of vintage Intellivision game cartridges including NFL Football, NHL Hockey, Armour battle, Poker, Blackjack, Night Stalker etc. plus a selection of vintage comic books, mostly Disney

Lot 258

Alternate image

Lot 259

British 1888 gold 1/2 sovereign coin with Jubilee head and observe shield

Lot 259-2

Alternate image

Lot 260

British 1892 gold 1/2 sovereign coin with Jubilee head and observe shield

Lot 260-2

Alternate image

Lot 261

Victorian rosewood adjustable draft screen with needlepoint panel

Lot 261-2

Alternate image

Lot 262

Selection of vintage brooches, all made of natural materials including scrimshaw bone, shell, mother of pearl, jade etc.

Lot 263

White alabaster table lamp with shade, a boxed Spode "The Linisifarne Plate" collectible plate and a woven silk wall hanging rug 35" X 22" on brass style rod

Lot 263-2

Alternate image

Lot 264

Large oxblood upholstered wing chair and matching ottoman

Lot 265

Gilt framed bevelled wall mirror, overall dimensions 29" X 41"

Lot 265-2

Alternate image

Lot 266

Framed original watercolour painting of a harbour scene signed by artist Alan R. Cook, 14" X 20"

Lot 266-2

Alternate image

Lot 269

Danish made teak sewing cabinet with pull down work surface with fold over legs and storage shelves made by Domino Mobler, Denmark

Lot 269-2

Alternate image

Lot 269-3

Alternate image

Lot 272

Framed original watercolour titled on verso " Johnson Canal" signed by artist (Alfredo) Guzman Schwartz, 14" X 21"

Lot 272-2

Alternate image

Lot 272-3

Alternate image

Lot 273

Antique mahogany drop leaf occasional table with two drawers and turned reeded supports and stretchers

Lot 273-2

Alternate image

Lot 274

English made semi- porcelain lidded tureen and underplate plus a silverplate lidded meal tray and a large brass balance scale

Lot 275

Two framed limited edition prints including "Peregrine Falcon" pencil signed by artist Robert Bateman, 603/950 plus "Big Pines of Temagami" pencils signed by artist Robert Bateman 942/2500

Lot 275-2

Alternate image

Lot 277

White on white upholstered loveseat made by Barrymore

Lot 277-2

Alternate image

Lot 281

Antique quarter cut oak 50" round dining table with split pedestal base, extends large enough to exceed the included four leaves and comes with six matching dining chairs including one carver

Lot 282

Antique quarter cut oak sideboard with three drawer, two doors, mirrored backboard and original key

Lot 285

Antique turned wooden floor lamp and a two panel oak framed and fabric room divider/privacy screen

Lot 286

Frederic Remington cast bronze "The Cheyenne" on marble base 24" in height

Lot 286-2

Alternate image

Lot 286-3

Alternate image

Lot 286-4

Alternate image

Lot 286-5

Alternate image

Lot 287

Antique Iranian Shiraz area carpet with large center medallion, highlights of reds, greens and blue, 39" X 56"

Lot 289

Vintage flip top storage chest and a semi contemporary floor standing world globe

Lot 289-2

Alternate image

Lot 292

Framed limited edition print "Forager's Reward" pencil signed print and ink signed glass by artist Carl Brenders, 499/1250

Lot 292-2

Alternate image

Lot 292-3

Alternate image

Lot 293

Antique mahogany parlour table with carved support and skirt, crossed stretchers with finial, fitted with marble top

Lot 294

Paragon "Princess Margaret Rose" china tea set including six teacups and saucer, six sandwich plates, open sugar and cream jug plus a new vintage Irish linen damask tablecloth 70" X 123" with matching linen napkins plus two sterling silver pickle forks and a sterling teaspoon

Lot 294-2

Alternate image

Lot 294-3

Alternate image

Lot 294-4

Alternate image

Lot 297

Button tufted Victorian parlour chair

Lot 298

Mahogany framed upholstered Victorian foot stool with scroll feet

Lot 301

Antique style modern six tier, adjustable shelf open book shelf, 77" in height

Lot 302

Elgin size 12, 17 jewel pocket watch. Grade 479, model 4. Serial # 29588791 dates to 1927. 3.4 nickel plate stem wind and set movement signed Elgin Nat'l Watch Co. U.S.A hand singled sunk fancy silver dial with shadow box Arabiv numbers and matching bold flued arrowhead style hands. Comes in a unique shaped 14kt white gold Wadsworth case with matching 13" watch chain. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 302-2

Alternate image

Lot 303

Hampden size 12, 15 jewel pocket watch. Model 3, grade General Stark. Serial # 1363938 dates to 1899. Nickel split plate stem wind and pin sset movement with perfect single sunk white porcelain dial and black Arabic numbers and blued matching spade style hands. Comes in an ope Dueber Special gold filled case with ornate leaf and floral engraving and blank shield on back cover. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 303-2

Alternate image

Lot 303-3

Alternate image

Lot 304

Keystone "J" Boss gold filled hunter case serial # 6708045 dates tgis case to 1885, with floral and leaf engraving and blank shield on the front cover

Lot 304-2

Alternate image

Lot 304-3

Alternate image

Lot 305

Chippendale style mahogany writing desk with ball and claw feet

Lot 305-2

Alternate image

Lot 305-3

Alternate image

Lot 305-4

Alternate image

Lot 306

Selection of collector coins including several Canadian large pennies etc.

Lot 307

Selection of collector coins including several Canadian large pennies etc.

Lot 308

Selection of collector coins including several Canadian large pennies etc.

Lot 309

Antique mahogany music cabinet with four tilting drawers and cupboard storage area

Lot 313

Quality retro floor standing reading lamp

Lot 313-2

Alternate image

Lot 317

Solid mahogany component cabinet with single retractable door fitted with one pull out turn table shelf, adjustable shelves and media storage made by Gibbard

Lot 317-2

Alternate image

Lot 321

Antique oak two drawer, two door bedroom chest with brass tear drop pulls

Lot 325

Victorian mahogany dresser top vanity mirror

Lot 326

Framed oil on canvas landscape painting signed by artist J.R. Raamsdonk, 20" X 27"

Lot 326-2

Alternate image

Lot 329

Antique quarter cut oak four drawer dresser with bevelled mirror and carved paw feet

Lot 333

Canadiana oak washstand with two drawers, two doors and towel bar

Lot 337

Antique Canadiana quarter oak single door commode

Lot 345

Two piece mid century modern teak wall unit with multiple adjustable shelves and two sliding doors, made in Denmark by Hundevad

Lot 349

Small four tier open book shelf

Lot 352

Framed original oil on canvas painting "Go Ahead and Throw It" signed by artist Peter Shostak, 16" X 20"

Lot 352-2

Alternate image

Lot 352-3

Alternate image

Lot 353

Matched grain English walnut, art deco two door wardrobe with original pulls

Lot 353-2

Alternate image

Lot 356

Framed limited edition print titled "Out of the mist" pencil signed by artist Michael Pape, 447/2008

Lot 356-2

Alternate image

Lot 356-3

Alternate image

Lot 356-4

Alternate image

Lot 357

Pair of modern matching vanity stools with cabriole supports

Lot 358

Selection of foreign bills including US two dollar, assorted New Zealand, Venezuelan, Asian etc.

Lot 359

Nine Canadian 1974 two dollar bills, all in uncirculated condition, eight with Lawson Bouey verties and one with J.W. Crow and Bouey

Lot 359-2

Alternate image

Lot 360

Five circulated 1967 one dollar bills, all signed Beattie and Raminksy, three with serial no. and two with commemorative 1867-1967 dates

Lot 360-2

Alternate image

Lot 361

Antique three drawer mahogany bedroom chest with top faux drawer, drop front pull-out writing surface and fitted interior, appears to be original finish and pulls

Lot 361-2

Alternate image

Lot 362

100% Iranian Balouch area carpet with multiple medallions in deep tones with light highlights, 43" X 80"

Lot 363

Two framed artworks including limited edition print titled "Cantata" pencil signed by artist F. Gravel '82, 14/25 and a vintage bird motif Japanese woodblock print on silk titled "Bamboo and Sparrow" by Nisaburo

Lot 363-2

Alternate image

Lot 365

Large modern country pine style open shelving unit, 83" in height

Lot 366

Selection of vintage metal Meccano building sets including No. 5 and No. 10 with building manuals

Lot 366-2

Alternate image

Lot 366-3

Alternate image

Lot 369

Canadian made semi contemporary center pedestal round oak dining table with two skirted insert leaves and four arrowback dining chairs

Lot 373

Solid mahogany French provincial coffee table made by Baetz

Lot 377

Victorian style full sized sofa and parlour chair with Regency striped upholstery and carved show wood

Lot 377-2

Alternate image

Lot 377-3

Alternate image

Lot 380

Alternate image

Lot 380-2

Alternate image

Lot 380-3

Alternate image

Lot 380-4

Alternate image

Lot 381

Country style pine two piece corner cabinet with drawer and doors in base and single glazed door in top made in Canada by House of Brougham

Lot 383

Royal Canadian mint 2002, $100 coin "Raising a harvest of black gold 55th anniversary of discovering oil in Leduc, Alberta" made of 58.3% fine gold and 41.7% fine silver. In presentation case with original box and shipper

Lot 383-2

Alternate image

Lot 384

Royal Canadian mint 2002, $100 coin "Raising a harvest of black gold 55th anniversary of discovering oil in Leduc, Alberta" made of 58.3% fine gold and 41.7% fine silver. In presentation case with original box and shipper

Lot 384-2

Alternate image

Lot 385

Two Victorian style tapestry upholstered chairs and semi contemporary single pedestal and marble topped wine table

Lot 386

Two framed prints including limited edition print "The Jack PIne" by Tom Thomson 13/395 and "End of Season-Grizzly" by Robert Bateman

Lot 386-2

Alternate image

Lot 387

Selection of vintage watches including pocket and wrist watches, empty watch cases etc.

Lot 387-2

Alternate image

Lot 387-3

Alternate image

Lot 387-4

Alternate image

Lot 388

Selection vintage and antique gold filled watch chains including three with locket pendants plus a vintage cigarette lighter

Lot 389

Modern Queen sized pine sleigh with inset cast decoration with headboard, foot board and rails

Lot 393

Alternate image

Lot 393-2

Alternate image

Lot 394

International sterling silver flatware "Joan of Arc" including settings for twelve of dinner knives, dinner forks, luncheon knives, luncheon forks, dessert/salad forks, tablespoons, teaspoons, spreaders, plus three large serving spoons, one serving fork, shell shaped sauce ladle, cake slice etc.

Lot 394-2

Alternate image

Lot 394-3

Alternate image

Lot 395

Antique quarter oak open arm parlour chair with original John Kay Company, Toronto label

Lot 396

Two vintage framed prints including portrait of a child and a wood framed "Duchess of Devonshire" print

Lot 396-2

Alternate image

Lot 398

Eight Canadian silver dollars incuding two 1939, two 1953, 1954, 1965 and two 1966

Lot 398-2

Alternate image

Lot 399

Five Canadian decimal coin sets including 1949, 1958, 1961 and factory sealed 1963 and 1964

Lot 399-2

Alternate image

Lot 400

Set of seven one troy ounce .999 + pure silver round tokens marked Canadian Silver Marketing Company Ltd. 1974

Lot 400-2

Alternate image

Lot 401

Modern single pedestal computer desk with storage hutch

Lot 402

Selection of eighteen Canadian $1 bills including six uncirculated

Lot 402-2

Alternate image

Lot 403

Forty six uncirculated 1973 one dollars bills including some in short consecutive runs, signature Lawson and Bouey and Crown and Bouey

Lot 403-2

Alternate image

Lot 404

Four circulated Canadian $5 bills including two 1954 and two 1972

Lot 404-2

Alternate image

Lot 405

Solid mahogany sideboard with three drawers and two doors, made by Gibbard

Lot 405-2

Alternate image

Lot 406

Framed acrylic on massonite painting titled on verso "Ready or Not-Granville Island, Vancouver B.C" signed by artist Michael Tickner. 16" X 20"

Lot 406-2

Alternate image

Lot 406-3

Alternate image

Lot 408

Fifteen lightly circulated 1973 Canadian $1 bills

Lot 409

Vilas bedroom furniture including three drawer mirrored dresser, single drawer night table and single size headboard and foot board

Lot 409-2

Alternate image

Lot 410

Royal Doulton retriever with pheasant on porcelain base HN2529, 12" in length

Lot 410-2

Alternate image

Lot 410-3

Alternate image

Lot 410-4

Alternate image

Lot 410-5

Alternate image

Lot 411

Royal Doulton sitting retriever with pheasant HN1028

Lot 411-2

Alternate image

Lot 411-3

Alternate image

Lot 411-4

Alternate image

Lot 411-5

Alternate image

Lot 412

Royal Doulton Pointer on porcelain base HN2622, 12" in length

Lot 412-2

Alternate image

Lot 412-3

Alternate image

Lot 412-4

Alternate image

Lot 413

Two pieces of mid 20th century parlour furniture including an interesting open book shelf and a tudor style side table

Lot 414

Large selection of Webb and Corbett crystal stemware including eight each of red wine, small claret, sherry, apertif and champagne

Lot 414-2

Alternate image

Lot 415

Elgin size 18, 7 jewel pocket watch, grade 96, model 4. Serial # 5325030 dates to 1894. Full gild plate stem wind and lever set sidewinder movement signed Elgin Natl. Watch Co. with perfect single sunk white porcelain dial and black Roman numerals with blued spade style hands. Comes in gold filled warranted 20 year case signed "New York" with ornate engraving and blank shield. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 415-2

Alternate image

Lot 415-3

Alternate image

Lot 416

Illinois size 16 pocket watch, 17 jewel model 9, grade 304. Serial # 2233931 dates this watch to 1910, 3/4 nickel bridge plate stem wind and set movement signed Illiniois Watch Co. Springield with perfect double sunk white porcelain dial with black Arabic numbers and matching blued spade style ahnds. This watch comes in an open face gold filled cAse signed Dueber 20 year with leaf and floral engraving and black shield on back cover. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 416-2

Alternate image

Lot 416-3

Alternate image

Lot 417

Hampden size 18, 11 jewel pocket watch. Serial # 332598 dates this pocket watch to 1884 wth gild split full plate stem wind and lever set movement signed Hampden Watch Co. Springfield, Mass. Clean single sunk white porcelain dial with black Roman numerals and matching blued spade style ahnds. Open faced gold filled case with the lion emblem and marked warranted with ornate engrving. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 417-2

Alternate image

Lot 417-3

Alternate image

Lot 418

Framed limited edition print titled "Forgotten Garden" pencil signed by artist Henry Pilsson, 87/350

Lot 419

Antique soft paste porcelain Oriental double handled lidded urn with applied elephant handles and foo dog finial, hand gilded and hand painted floral scene, 13" in height

Lot 419-2

Alternate image

Lot 419-3

Alternate image

Lot 419-4

Alternate image

Lot 419-5

Alternate image

Lot 420

Two matching antique Japanese chargers depicting mulitple hand painted plates, note one with repair, 14 1/2" diameter

Lot 420-2

Alternate image

Lot 420-3

Alternate image

Lot 420-4

Alternate image

Lot 420-5

Alternate image

Lot 420-6

Alternate image

Lot 421

Country style pine chest on chest Welsh dresser made in Canada by House of Brougham

Lot 422

Pair of antique carved figures including a female geisha figure and a carved ivory crab merchant- note missing basket 7" in height

Lot 422-2

Alternate image

Lot 422-3

Alternate image

Lot 422-4

Alternate image

Lot 422-5

Alternate image

Lot 425

Mid century modern teak desk made by Bernhard Pedersen & Son, Denmark with three drawers in base, pull out drop front support, fitted interior with cubby holes and drawers

Lot 425-2

Alternate image

Lot 425-3

Alternate image

Lot 425-4

Alternate image

Lot 429

Three tier cast butler

Lot 432

Bronze flower and fairy figure 24" in height

Lot 432-2

Alternate image

Lot 433

Antique mirrored dresser with lions head motif pulls

Lot 433-2

Alternate image

Lot 434

Framed original oil on board painting titled on verso "Stooks on my farm" signed by artist J. Cuendet, 12" X 16"

Lot 434-2

Alternate image

Lot 436

Framed limited edition print titled "Descending Shadows-Timber Wolves" pencil signed by artist Robert Bateman, 6506/8659

Lot 436-2

Alternate image

Lot 436-3

Alternate image

Lot 437

Pair of mid 20th century bedside table

Lot 437-2

Alternate image

Lot 438

Vintage wool primitive carpet with animal on a land crossing, 44" X 65"

Lot 439

1967 Canadian $20 gold coin and a boxed set of 1967 Centennial coin set

Lot 439-2

Alternate image

Lot 440

2006 United States Mint "Buffalo gold bullion" $50 .9999 fine gold bullion coin in presentation case with original box

Lot 440-2

Alternate image

Lot 441

Solid cherry two drawer console/sofa table on tall cabriole supports made by Gibbard

Lot 441-2

Alternate image

Lot 441-3

Alternate image

Lot 442

Framed limited edition print "Low Tide-Bald Eagles" pencil signed by artist John Seerey Lester, 186/1950

Lot 442-2

Alternate image

Lot 442-3

Alternate image

Lot 445

Alternate image

Lot 445-2

Alternate image

Lot 447

Three mint sealed collector pieces including 14kt John F. Kennedy miniature memorial half dollar, Royal Canadian mint 2019 .999 pure gold miniature 25 cent gold coin to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the GML and a 150th anniversary of the first postage stamp three piece collector set including a sterling silver coin plated in 24kt gold,

Lot 448

Four American silver dollars including 1883, two 1921 and a 1982

Lot 448-2

Alternate image

Lot 449

Selection of Canadian collector coins in factory mint cases including 1981 double dollar decimal set, "The Majestic Moose" five dollar sterling and double postage stamp set, a 2006 sterling silver and 24kt gold plated three dollar coin "The Beaver"

Lot 449-2

Alternate image

Lot 450

Selection of mint cased Canadian collector coins including 1874-1974 Winnipeg decimal set, 1998 RCMP sterling silver dollar, 1980 grizzly bear dollar, 2004 sterling silver Olympic loonie and a 1972-1997 Canada/USSR hockey series dollar

Lot 450-2

Alternate image

Lot 453

Antique bridge lamp with cast iron ship motif top

Lot 453-2

Alternate image

Lot 454

Four Hummel figurines including girl with chickens in baset, Peter the goat herd, boy with goose and Just resting

Lot 454-2

Alternate image

Lot 454-3

Alternate image

Lot 454-4

Alternate image

Lot 454-5

Alternate image

Lot 457

Antique quarter cut oak two tier parlour table with reeded supports and splayed feet

Lot 458

Edison brand internal horn, cylinder gramophone and a large selection of approximately 90 wax cylinders, working at time of cataloguing

Lot 458-2

Alternate image

Lot 458-3

Alternate image

Lot 458-4

Alternate image

Lot 461

Large antique quarter cut oak occasional table with under shelf

Lot 462

Framed original pastel on sandpaper portrait painting titled "Frank Raweyter, Blackfoot" signed by artist V. Zach, 16" X 12"

Lot 462-2

Alternate image

Lot 462-3

Alternate image

Lot 462-4

Alternate image

Lot 463

Selection of vintage collectibles including Oriental playing cards in wood case, a copper balance scale, scrimshaw wine opend, a set of cast brass latches, and a wine bottle tag and a vintage German made papier mache doll 6" in height

Lot 463-2

Alternate image

Lot 463-3

Alternate image

Lot 464

Pair of sterling silver mint julep cups 5 1/4" in height

Lot 464-2

Alternate image

Lot 465

Two pieces of modern country pine style furniture including small writing desk and three drawer console table made in Canada by House of Brougham

Lot 465-2

Alternate image

Lot 465-3

Alternate image

Lot 465-4

Alternate image

Lot 466

1843 American 2 1/2 dollar Liberty head gold coin

Lot 466-2

Alternate image

Lot 467

Gent's 10kt yellow gold and diamond pinky ring

Lot 468

Tray lot of vintage costume jewellery including two Bulova gold filled wrist watches, crystal beaded necklaces, brooches, earrings etc.

Lot 468-2

Alternate image

Lot 468-3

Alternate image

Lot 469

Quality brass retro floor lamp

Lot 469-2

Alternate image

Lot 471

Framed limited edition print of horses and birch trees pencil signed by artist Bev Doolittle, 67657/69996

Lot 471-2

Alternate image

Lot 471-3

Alternate image

Lot 472

Five Waterford crystal "Colleen" apertif glasses

Lot 472-2

Alternate image

Lot 473

Four Waterford crystal "Colleen" sherbet glasses and two matching champagne

Lot 473-2

Alternate image

Lot 474

Six Waterford crystal "Colleen" sherry glasses

Lot 474-2

Alternate image

Lot 475

Six Waterford crystal "Colleen" short tumblers

Lot 475-2

Alternate image

Lot 476

Five Waterford crystal "Colleen" cocktail tumblers

Lot 476-2

Alternate image

Lot 477

Antique walnut occasional table with heavily carved base

Lot 479

Framed limited edition Japanese woodblock print "Koito Botan" pencil signed by artist Kimiko Kojima '1978, 10/20

Lot 479-2

Alternate image

Lot 479-3

Alternate image

Lot 479-4

Alternate image

Lot 479-5

Alternate image

Lot 480

Vintage framed Kimono stencil and a hand painted acrylic on mat board painting of flowers signed by artist Edi 19" X 20"

Lot 480-2

Alternate image

Lot 481

Large modern oval beveled wall mirror with leather wrapped frame with nail head decoration, overall dimensions 37" X 39"

Lot 484

Selection of English and Irish pottery including Wade Pottery tea pot, cream, sugar and water jug, Rye Pottery cups, plate, shakers, condiment dish, cream jug etc.

Lot 484-2

Alternate image

Lot 485

Near new upholstered sectional made by La-Z-boy with two electric reclining seat sections and one mechanical reclining seat

Lot 485-2

Alternate image

Lot 486

Three pieces of early unmarked Oriental porcelain including a pair of gourd shaped vessels with handpainted birds and flowers and a dragon motif hand painted baluster vase 10" in height

Lot 487

Two Beswick porcelain horses including a brown mare 8 1/2" in height

Lot 487-2

Alternate image

Lot 487-3

Alternate image

Lot 487-4

Alternate image

Lot 487-5

Alternate image

Lot 487-6

Alternate image

Lot 488

Pair of mid 20th century hand painted crackle glaze vases made in Japan, 9 1/2" in height

Lot 488-2

Alternate image

Lot 488-3

Alternate image

Lot 488-4

Alternate image

Lot 489

Victoria tapestry upholstered button tufted parlour chair

Lot 490

Selection of vintage kitchen items including heavy wooden rolling pin, wooden butter mold, baking tins and a stoneware crock

Lot 491

Selection of Canadian $2 bills including fourteen 1954 circulated bills, nine signed Beattie Raminksy, two Bouey and Raminksy, and three Lawson Bouey and thirteen 1974 uncirculated bills, all Lawson Bouey verities and three uncirculated 1986 bills

Lot 491-2

Alternate image

Lot 492

Six uncirculated 1971 ten dollar bills, all with Lawson Bouey verities

Lot 493

Antique brass three branch ceiling fixture with hand blow satin glass shades

Lot 496

Framed wildlife print "Miles To Go" by artist Carl Brenders

Lot 497

Pair of antique carved back parlour chairs

Lot 498

1912 American 2 1/2 dollar "Indian head" gold coin

Lot 498-2

Alternate image

Lot 499

1903 American $5 Liberty head gold coin

Lot 499-2

Alternate image

Lot 500

Ladies 9ct yellow gold claddagh ring

Lot 500-2

Alternate image

Lot 501

Modern armless parlour chair with striped upholstery

Lot 501-2

Alternate image

Lot 503

Italian made leather "doctor" style vanity case with bottle storage made by Madame Angelo

Lot 503-2

Alternate image

Lot 503-3

Alternate image

Lot 505

Antique oak cased Seth Thomas "Regulator" wall clock with original paper labeling

Lot 505-2

Alternate image

Lot 509

Antique bevelled wall mirror with brass coat hooks in quarter cut oak frame

Lot 515

New Zealand $250 "Drafting of the Constitution 1838-1988" Pitcairn Island .22ct gold coin

Lot 515-2

Alternate image

Lot 516

Ladies 14kt yellow gold ring set with gold dos pesos coin

Lot 516-2

Alternate image

Lot 516-3

Alternate image

Lot 517

Canadian 1948 Voyageur silver dollar

Lot 517-2

Alternate image

Lot 521

Antique Canadiana washstand with serpentine drawer, towel bar and comode cupboard

Lot 522

Two framed original oil on canvas paintings of birch trees, both artist signed and both 8" X 10"

Lot 522-2

Alternate image

Lot 525

Two pieces of Victorian parlour furniture including a delicate settee with carved show wood and scroll supports and a Victorian slipper chair, both in need of and worthy of restoration

Lot 526

Antique cast iron double handled boiler incised E Puch & Co., Wednesbury, 3 1/2 galls fitted with handled copper lid also marked E Puch & Co., Wednesbury

Lot 526-2

Alternate image

Lot 526-3

Alternate image

Lot 529

Antique oak reclining Morris chair with carved paw feet and tapestry upholstery

Lot 533

Modern antique style four drawer oak filing cabinet, can be used for legal or letter size

Lot 533-2

Alternate image

Lot 535

Two framed prints including limited edition "Spirit of the Wolf' pencil signed by artist Paul Calle, 426/950 and "Playful Pair" by Carl Brenders

Lot 535-2

Alternate image

Lot 542

Antique German made Louis Schopper Leipig paper scale circa 1905

Lot 542-2

Alternate image

Lot 544

Elgin size 18, 7 jewel pocket watch. Grade 97, model 1. Serial # 1847966 dates to 1885. Gilt split plate key wind and set movement signed Elgin Natl. Watch Co., Elgin Ill. with white procleaIn dial and black Roman numeral and matching blued spade style hands. Comes in a triple hinged open face warranted coin silver cAse signed AM WAtch Co. Waltham, Mass with ornate engrving and black shield on back cover with key. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 544-2

Alternate image

Lot 544-3

Alternate image

Lot 544-4

Alternate image

Lot 544-5

Alternate image

Lot 545

Waltham size 16, 17 jewel, grade "PS Bartlett", model 1899. Serial # 16139295 dates this to 1896, 3/4 nickel plate sidewinder movement signed PS Bartlett, Waltham Mass. stem wind and set with perfect single sunk white porcealin dial with black Roman numerals nad matching spade style hands. Comes in Defiance silver case with engraving of a Diesel locomotive on the back cover. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 545-2

Alternate image

Lot 545-3

Alternate image

Lot 547

Canadian made large Planters Peanuts jar with lid, 13" in height

Lot 547-2

Alternate image

Lot 547-3

Alternate image

Lot 548

Antique cast table lamp fitted with cast and slag glass shade 22" in height

Lot 548-2

Alternate image

Lot 549

Small Sentry model 1235 personal safe, appears new

Lot 549-2

Alternate image

Lot 549-3

Alternate image

Lot 549-4

Alternate image

Lot 552

Set of five Waterford crystal tumblers and a pair of Waterford shakers with silverplate tops and a Stewart crystal lidded biscuit barrel

Lot 552-2

Alternate image

Lot 552-3

Alternate image

Lot 552-4

Alternate image

Lot 553

Mid 20th century statuary/fern stand

Lot 554

Pair of Victorian satin glass ruffled vases, 9" in height

Lot 555

Selection of antique porcelain including lidded server with pierced handles and fig and leaf finial plus two matching Wedgwood flow blue tea cups and saucers and an unmarked handpainted Oriental motif cups and saucer

Lot 556

Selection of early Oriental porcelains including Imari 7 1/2" ginger jar, lidded dish, two small dishes

Lot 557

Modern cedar lined blanket chest with factory painted decoration made by Lane

Lot 557-2

Alternate image

Lot 557-3

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Lot 558

Pair of bronze figural candlesticks with mercury gilded decoration on marble bases 7 1/2" in height

Lot 558-2

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Lot 558-3

Alternate image

Lot 561

Near new closed arm upholstered parlour chair, orginally purchased at McElherans furniture

Lot 565

Antique Mission style quarter cut oak full length cheval mirror

Lot 569

Deco style English oak drop front bureau with fitted interior and two doors and single drawer in base

Lot 578

Two off cut Canadian bills including 1954 Canadian one dollar bill signed Bouey and Raminsky, note this bills appears to be uncirculated bill, serial no. O/F 8453027 and 1973 one dollar bill signed Lawson and Bouey, serial no. A/R 8732951

Lot 578-2

Alternate image

Lot 579

Two 1954 Canadian one dollar bills each containing Lawson and Bouey signatures plus a 1923 Dominion of Canadian 25 cent shin plaster

Lot 579-2

Alternate image

Lot 580

Alternate image

Lot 580-2

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Lot 582

Exquisite antique Victorian hand cut and hand gilded glass fluted flower vase with inset green glass cameos 8" in height

Lot 582-2

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Lot 582-3

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Lot 583

Antique cobalt hand gilded and hand painted lidded urn with hand painted floral cameo, 12" in height

Lot 583-2

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Lot 583-3

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Lot 583-4

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Lot 583-5

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Lot 584

Pair of Royal Doulton RCMP busts commemorating the centenniel of the Royal Canadian Mounted police, limited to 1500 pieces each, HN2547 and HN2555

Lot 584-2

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Lot 584-3

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Lot 584-4

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Lot 584-5

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Lot 586

Two antique lidded caskets including one unmarked Imari and one Nippon

Lot 586-2

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Lot 587

Two unmarked stoneware jugs including jug with horned diety spout and a figural jug with pewter hinged lid with finial and bas relief mischevious monkeys, note slight damage to handle plus a Royal Worcester tea cup, saucer and plate

Lot 587-2

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Lot 587-3

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Lot 587-4

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Lot 587-5

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Lot 588

Quality crystal center bowl and eight Webb & Corbett wine glasses

Lot 588-2

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Lot 588-3

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Lot 591

Ten Canadian silver dollars including 1937, 1953,1958, 1959, 1960 1962, 1963, 1964 , 1965 and 1966

Lot 591-2

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Lot 592

Selection of Canadian bank notes including 1937 Bank of Canada $1 and 1937 $20 bill both withTowers and D. Gordon verities, a 1954 $20 bill signed Beattie and Raminsky, 1954 $5 bill signed Bouey and Raminksy, six consecutive 1973 $1 bills and three 1967 Commemorative $1 bills plus two foreign bills

Lot 592-2

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Lot 593

Fifteen American silver half dollars ranging from 1941 to 1964

Lot 593-2

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Lot 600

Seth Thomas size 18, 7 jewel pocket watch. Serial # 50316, grade Centry model 4, dates to 1896, 3.4 nickel plate stem wind and lever set movement signed Century, USA. Single sunk white porcelain dial with black Roman numerals and matching blue spade style hands. Comes in an open face gold filled A.W.C. Co, Empress case with bird in flight scene on back cover

Lot 600-2

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Lot 600-3

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Lot 601

Hampden size 18, 17 jewel pocket watch. Grade Special (Adjusted). Serial # 933698 dates to 1895, full split nickel plate sidewinder stem wind and lever set mvoement signed Hampden Watch Co. Canton, Ohio. has a perfect fancy single sunk dial with pink face and gold accents with black Arabic number and matching blued moon style hands. Comes in gold filled Scepter hunter case with leaf and floral engrving and coattge scene on the back cover with blank shield on front cover. Working at time of cataloguing

Lot 601-2

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Lot 601-3

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Lot 601-4

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Lot 602

Framed limited edition print titled "On Crystal Pond" pencil signed by artist Henry Pilsson, 213/395

Lot 603

Collection of five gold filled pocket watch chains, various lengths