Ward's Auctions
Lot 001

Gents 10kt white gold ring set with oval sapphire gemstone and two accent diamonds

Lot 002

Set of three antique brass candle holders with hanging lustres in bird and foliage motif 13" in height

Lot 002-2

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Lot 003

Carved Inuit soapstone of a walrus and a bear 9" in height

Lot 004

Lalique crystal turtle, 6" in length with original packing

Lot 004-2

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Lot 005

Waterford crystal rose bowl 5 1/2" in height

Lot 005-2

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Lot 006

Carved horn wine cup, purportedly 19th century and a gilt yellow stone brush holder, purportedly early 20th century

Lot 007

Hand painted porcelain and tin wrapped casket, 9" X 8"

Lot 008

Blue and white reticulated branch motif lidded compote, purportedly early 19th century, 15" in height

Lot 008-2

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Lot 009

Reconstituted amber egg

Lot 010

Pair of antique brass andirons

Lot 011

Crackle glazed blue and white prosperity vase, purportedly 19th century or earlier, 10 1/2" in height

Lot 012

Two framed pieces including ink on paper private letter and a watercolour painting by a modern artist

Lot 013

Victorian adjustable draft screen with needlepoint panel

Lot 013-2

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Lot 014

Two framed original artworks including "And Beyond the Cliffs" Washi Chigirie ( torn Washi paper) print by artist Terry O'Connor 14" X 19" and a mixed media on canvas prints of a rugged shoreline signed by artist Patsee 1992, 11" X 14"

Lot 014-2

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Lot 015

Watercolour on paper painting album dedicated to plants and birds, purportedly early 20th century artist

Lot 015-2

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Lot 015-3

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Lot 015-4

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Lot 015-5

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Lot 015-6

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Lot 016

Oak framed vintage fireplace draft screen with needlepoint panel

Lot 017

Six Royal Canadian Mint decimal sets including two each of 2011, 2012 and 2013

Lot 018

Eight Royal Canadian Mint non-circulated decimal sets including two 2014, four 2015 and two 2016

Lot 019

Eight Royal Canadian Mint non-circulated decimal sets including two 2004, four 2005 and two 2006

Lot 020

Dragon Spring celadon wide mouth vase, purportedly 18th century or earlier, 13" in height

Lot 020-2

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Lot 021

Antique Bohemian Kelly green tapered vase with extensive gild and enamel work 15 1/2"

Lot 021-2

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Lot 022

Vintage brass and glass banquet lamp with hand painted floral font and globe and clear chimney 29" to top of chimney, note has been electrified

Lot 023

Two framed antique chalk paintings, no artist signature seen, both 10" X 18" in oval matting

Lot 024

Three vintage ships in bottles

Lot 025

Selection of collectibles including glass trumpet vase with blue ruffled edge in silver plate flower motif galley, small tri-footed R.S. Germany spooner and a hand painted bud base with Victorian cranberry trumpet with applied colourless glass spirals

Lot 026

Four large pieces of colourless Polish hand made glassware including 16" footed vase, 12" vase, 13" in diameter center bowl and a 11" flat dish

Lot 027

Selection of antique and vintage collectibles including a lidded silver plate French made casket, Limoges powder box, and a 8 1/2" diameter footed French hand painted bowl

Lot 028

Matched grain English walnut mirrored vanity with two doors and three drawers

Lot 029

Framed Ducks unlimited limited edition print "Tranquility" pencil signed by artist Robert Bateman 182/7500

Lot 029-2

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Lot 030

Synchronized swimming walrus soapstone carvings, vertical one is 5" in height and signed by artist

Lot 030-2

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Lot 031

Two vintage composition French boudoir dolls both with original outfits

Lot 032

Selection of antique blue and white and flow blue including biscuit barrel, teapot, cheese keep, jardinere and pitcher

Lot 033

Selection of Limoges tableware, a pair of hand painted by unmarked shakers, Bavarian love story small cup and saucers and a 8 1/2" ruby flash cut to clear garniture

Lot 034

Selection of mostly antique flow blue and blue and white including jugs, pitchers, sauce boat, lidded casserole etc., each with some degree of distress

Lot 034-2

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Lot 034-3

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Lot 035

New Royal treadle sewing machine in fully enclosed quarter cut oak cabinet

Lot 035-2

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Lot 035-3

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Lot 036

Pair of antique gilt three branch electric wall sconces with hanging lustres, 14" in height

Lot 036-2

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Lot 037

Pair of antique brass and ruby flash banquet lamps with chimney and quilted shades, 26" in height

Lot 038

Regency style center pedestal mahogany coffee table with brass capped claw feet and a fitted glass protector plus a walnut tilt top oval occasional table

Lot 039

Six matching unmarked by excellent quality 6 1/2" crystal sherbet glasses

Lot 040

Brass style jardineres and a vintage spittoon

Lot 041

Selection of antique and vintage collectibles including hand gilt cobalt glass vases, 7" in height, small Moorcroft dish and two hand painted plates

Lot 042

Two Royal Doulton figurines including "Lady Charmain" HN1948 and "Rosanna" HN1926

Lot 042-2

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Lot 043

Framed vintage oil on board painting "Near Muskoka" signed by artist George A. Thomson (1868-1965), 11 3/4" X 15 1/2"

Lot 043-2

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Lot 043-3

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Lot 044

Selection of Newport Pottery tableware by Royal Staffordshire and designed by Clarice Cliff "Miniver Rose" including eight dinner plates, seven luncheon plates, six bread and butter, six cereal bowl, eight fruit nappies, one open vegetable dish, one lidded vegetable dish, two platters, gravy boat and tray, cream and lidded sugar

Lot 044-2

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Lot 044-3

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Lot 045

Set of four wood framed Famille rose "Devil Judge" tiles, purportedly late 19th century

Lot 046

Five small Swarvoski crystal figures including teddy bear, snail, bird, hippo and a bunny rabbit

Lot 047

Antique hanging oil lamp with floral font and shade with hanging lustres

Lot 048

Three framed original coloured pen on canvas paintings including rural barn11" X 14" fence with bird houses 12" X 16" and country shed 12" X 16" all signed by artist S. Edwards

Lot 048-2

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Lot 048-3

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Lot 048-4

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Lot 049

Six Royal Canadian Mint proof specimen sets including 1993,1994,1996, 1997, 1998 and 2001

Lot 050

Six Royal Canadian Mint proof specimen sets including 1988,1989,1990, 1991, and two 1995,

Lot 051

Six Royal Canadian Mint proof specimen sets including 1984, 1985, 1987, 1992, 1996 and 1997

Lot 052

Six Bosson heads including four military heads, Britain 3rd dragoons 1852, Britain 6th dragoon guards 1847, Britain 9th Lancers 1827 and France Trompelle du Regiment des. Chasseurs o Chaveal 1818 plus two full figured including Peon and Sherpa

Lot 053

10kt white gold, genuine pearl and diamond stick pin plus a 10kt yellow gold and genuine pearl gent's tie clip

Lot 054

Three antique style doll chairs including small balloon back, Chippendale etc.

Lot 055

Ladies 18kt white gold and diamond ring set with center 1.00ct brilliant cut diamond, two 0.14ct oval cut diamonds and two 0.06ct baguette diamonds. Total diamond weight 1.40ct. Retail replacement value $10,827.72

Lot 055-2

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Lot 056

Genuine ivory 1 1/2" wide bangle plus ivory bangle and earrings decorated with 14kt gold threads, small carved ivory figure and a carved brooch

Lot 056-2

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Lot 057

Selection of Royal Doulton "Clairmont" china including twelve dinner plates, eleven side plates and twelve cups and saucers, eight fruit nappies, one round open vegetable dish, two oval serving dishes, oval platter, gravy with drip tray, cream and open sugar bowl

Lot 057-2

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Lot 057-3

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Lot 058

Wrought and glass hanging candle powered chandelier

Lot 059

Three Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympics Winter games boxed collector coins sets including two silver limited edition stamp souvenir sheets five coins and two silver lapel pins plus a bronze boxed set including limited edition stamp souvenir sheet, three coins and two bronze lapel pins

Lot 060

Large selection of Canadian coins and collector coins sets including six 2009, four 2010, one 2012, four 2013 plus Vancouver 2010 Olympic Lucky Loonie and Puck and a Oilers 2009/2010 fifty cent coin, Victory five cent collection in folio, Olympic and Paralympics Vancouver 2010 winter games coins collection and two 2009 Proof set with including "Dreams take to the Air" -celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Flight in Canada 1909-2009) coin and four empty coin collector albums and a jar of English and Canadian coins

Lot 061

Selection of World Reserve Monetary Exchange "Genuine Bankers Vault Portfolios" including three folios of four each uncut $1 bills plus five "The Blue Seal $1 and $5 bills silver certificate" folios

Lot 062

Swarovski crystal "Butterfly" 7639, with original packaging 2" in height

Lot 062-2

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Lot 063

Framed chromolithograph from a 1903 painting entitled "Life" by Charles Napier Hemy and framed print "Blimey? Wot a Life" hand coloured print artist signed on mat Charles Johnson Payne

Lot 063-2

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Lot 063-3

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Lot 063-4

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Lot 064

Selection of Royal Albert china including Old Country Rose coffee and tea pot, two Memory Lane plates and a cereal bowl, two Lavender Rose nappies and two Prudence open vegetable dishes

Lot 065

Swarovski Cheetah 7610NR in height with original packaging, 4"

Lot 065-2

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Lot 066

Two antique upholstered carved back side chairs

Lot 067

Ladies vintage gold watch with Swiss movement, working at time of cataloguing plus a pair of 10kt yellow gold earrings and a pair of sterling vermeil earrings

Lot 068

Selection of sterling silver jewellery including bangle and matching earrings set with malachite gemstones, heavy sterling necklace, plus two pairs of earrings, brooches and a pendant on chain

Lot 069

Mechanic's starter set including hand wrenches, sockets, Allen wrenches, screw drivers, pry bars, tap and die set, 4 1/2" bench grinder, hydraulic jack etc.

Lot 070

Vintage stamped brass framed multi panel mirror with fruit motif topper, oval height 27"

Lot 071

Pair of Riedel moderne crystal candlestick 15 1/2" in height, and a Royal Doulton "Tenderness" figurine HN2713

Lot 072

Vintage brass ship's clock made by Smith Astral, England , good working condition with key, 7 1/2" in diameter plus a vintage barometer with engraved trophy plaque

Lot 073

Oriental bone dagger with dragon motif carved scabbard, bone opium pipe with figural carving and a spinach green Oriental scale, purportedly 19th century

Lot 074

Two mid 20th century non- matching open arm parlour chairs with upholstered seats and back

Lot 075

Spinach green jade plaque and a Japanese South Sea red coral pendant

Lot 076

Purple clay tea set with four tea cups

Lot 076-2

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Lot 076-3

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Lot 077

Hand crafted mahogany wood mantle clock with quartz movement, 27" in height

Lot 078

Swarovski crystal walrus 7620NR, 4 1/4" in length with original packaging

Lot 078-2

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Lot 079

An insect sample with butterfly, and a bees wax hanging gourd pendant in carved wooden frame

Lot 079-2

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Lot 079-3

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Lot 080

Gilt framed engraving "Soul's Awakening", originally painted by James Sant and a framed engraving of Lady Mary Drummond-Smith, originally painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds

Lot 081

Two vintage full bee Goebel figurines including 89/1 and 198/1

Lot 081-2

Alternate image

Lot 082

Victorian adjustable organ/piano stool with cast iron supports

Lot 083

Vintage gilt framed mirror, 19" X 15" overall dimensions

Lot 084

Large Moorcroft Leaf and berry center bowl, 10 1/2" in diameter

Lot 084-2

Alternate image

Lot 085

Royal Crown Derby "Green Derby Panel A 1237" dinner service for eight including dinner plates, luncheon plates, bread and butter plates, soup and cereal bowls, cups and saucers

Lot 085-2

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Lot 085-3

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Lot 086

Royal Crown Derby "Green Derby Panel A 1237" coffee and teapot, lidded sugar, open sugar and creamer

Lot 086-2

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Lot 086-3

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Lot 087

Two Medalta stoneware crocks including a five gallon

Lot 088

Hand painted Oriental tea set including teapot and lidded sugar bowl and six lunch sets including sandwich tray and cups, note on tea cup has nibble on rim

Lot 089

Three Royal Doulton figurines including "Adrienne" HN2304, "Diane" HN3604, "Fleur" HN2368

Lot 089-2

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Lot 090

Antique oak harvest table with two large end leaves plus three antique oak chairs with carved back

Lot 090-2

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Lot 091

Gilt framed oil on canvas19th century stormy mountain scene signed by artist H. Bates, 20" X 30"

Lot 091-2

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Lot 092

Two brass desk lamps including one with onyx style base

Lot 093

Three vintage purses including silver plated coin purse, plus a footed and lidded German porcelain dresser jar and a crystal dresser jar with silver top

Lot 094

Two shelf lots of dolls including Dee & Cee, fashion dolls, bisque head, boxed Mattel "Cher" barbie doll etc.

Lot 095

Pair of burgundy glazed pottery lamps and a Medalta No. 23 Polygon jardinière 6" in height

Lot 095-2

Alternate image

Lot 096

Selection of Craftsman tools including radial arm mitre saw, a reciprocating saw, a scroll saw and a 3/8" drill

Lot 096-2

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Lot 097

Selection of predominantly Prussian antique porcelain including lidded biscuit, hair receiver, footed bowl etc.

Lot 098

Pair of matching modern five tier shelf units

Lot 099

Six Royal Canadian Mint decimal sets including 1970. 1971, 1974, 1978, 1979 and 1980

Lot 100

Five Royal Canadian Mint non-circulated decimal sets including 1995 and two each of 2008 and 2009

Lot 101

Selection of Canadian coins including rolls of 2002 pennies, nickels, dimes, three rolls of quarters and a roll of toonies, plus 2003 pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and toonies, plus a selection of loose coins in holders

Lot 102

Vintage composition Deanna Durbin doll with mohair wig in original set, dressed as a bride, 22" in height

Lot 102-2

Alternate image

Lot 103

Victorian chiming mantle clock, working at time of cataloguing but not chiming

Lot 104

Five pieces of colourless handmade Polish glassware including 17" candlestick with applied glass decoration, 10" footed flower vase, 10" square flower vase, 12" center bowl and a 8" rose bowl

Lot 105

Selection of vintage porcelain collectibles including Limoges, plus lidded butter keep, cups and saucers, shakers etc.

Lot 106

Antique delicate open arm side chair with tapered turned supports and decorative inlaid banding and upholstered seat

Lot 107

Pair of antique hand enamelled girandoles, 12 1/2" in height

Lot 108

Selection of vintage, mostly Oriental collectibles including Satsuma tea set, Cloisonné, enamelled brass vase, etc.

Lot 109

Selection of vintage Nippon and Noritake porcelain collectibles including center bowl, lidded small tureen, assorted serving dishes, mostly hand painted

Lot 110

Vintage brass unicorn motif peacock style fire screen

Lot 111

Set of twelve Bavarian fruit motif plates and a large matching round serving platter

Lot 111-2

Alternate image

Lot 111-3

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Lot 112

10kt yellow gold and free form ammonite pendant on a 10kt yellow gold 22" neck chain

Lot 113

10kt yellow gold and oval cut ammonite gemstone ring

Lot 114

Set of four Victorian side chairs with scroll feet and embroidered silk upholstered seats

Lot 115

Two glazed Medalta glazed pottery vases and a 6" high bird motif Phoenix glass vase

Lot 115-2

Alternate image

Lot 116

Ladies 10kt yellow gold hinged bracelet with safety chain

Lot 116-2

Alternate image

Lot 117

Two framed giclee prints including two girls at piano and Madonna and child

Lot 117-2

Alternate image

Lot 118

Victorian inlaid matched grain, tilt top, center pedestal loo table

Lot 118-2

Alternate image

Lot 118-3

Alternate image

Lot 119

Ladies 10kt yellow gold charm bracelet and six 10kt gold charms

Lot 120

Ladies 18kt rose gold and diamond ring set with center 0.46ct brilliant white diamond with halo of ten 0.200ct of round diamonds and ten 0.402ct of shoulder diamonds. Approximately 1.06ct total diamond weight. Retail replacement value 4,399.00

Lot 120-2

Alternate image

Lot 121

Ladies English vintage 14kt yellow gold and garnet ring set with 2.39ct of garnets gemstones. Retail replacement value $1,993.39

Lot 121-2

Alternate image

Lot 122

Ladies English vintage 14kt yellow gold and garnet bracelet set with 21.ct of garnet gemstones. Retail replacement value $3,141.76

Lot 122-2

Alternate image

Lot 123

Two tray lots of Havilland Limoges

Lot 123-2

Alternate image

Lot 123-3

Alternate image

Lot 124

Beswick Clydesdale and a Beswick foal

Lot 125

Carved horn libation cup, 3 1/2" in height

Lot 126

Portable Singer sewing machine in dome case

Lot 126-2

Alternate image

Lot 127

Semi-contemporary single drawer drop leaf tea wagon with pull out drinks tray

Lot 128

A cultural revolution Chairman Mao teapot, circa 1960 and a "Friend of Winter" purple clay teapot, stamped and signed early 20th century

Lot 128-2

Alternate image

Lot 128-3

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Lot 129

Tray lot of Elite Works Limoges including dinner ware and serving pieces

Lot 130

Three drawer maple low boy

Lot 131

Six Royal Canadian Mint boxed proof specimen sets including 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005

Lot 132

Six Royal Canadian Mint proof specimen sets including 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009

Lot 133

Selection of 2005 rolled non-circulated Canadian coins including toonies, loonies, fifty cent pieces, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies

Lot 134

Two pieces of Newport Pottery "Celtic Harvest" by Clarice Cliff including biscuit barrel and a center bowl

Lot 134-2

Alternate image

Lot 135

Ladies 14kt yellow gold and diamond ring set with 1.13ct brilliant cut diamond and 0.18ct of round full cut diamonds. Total diamond weight 1.31ct. Retail replacement value $6,393.74

Lot 135-2

Alternate image

Lot 136

Unframed limited edition lithograph titled "Port Grimaud, France" pencil signed by artist Oliver Zlatku 245/390

Lot 136-2

Alternate image

Lot 137

A circular heavy ink stone with wooden cover, purportedly early 20th century and an iron red cylindrical brush pot, purportedly late 18th century

Lot 138

Two Inuit carvings including stylized figure signed by George Arlook 6" across and a carved tusk of whales on an igloo 6 3/4" in height

Lot 139

Selection of quality antique porcelain collectibles including Bavarian, R.S Prussia, R.S Germany etc.

Lot 140

Framed vintage oil on canvas painting "Summer Evening" signed by artist John William Beatty (1869-1941), 10" X 12"

Lot 140-2

Alternate image

Lot 140-3

Alternate image

Lot 141

Two vintage wood framed mirrors

Lot 142

Two Swarovski crystal prisms, one 2 1/4" diameter and one 2" diameter with original packaging

Lot 142-2

Alternate image

Lot 143

New in box 45 piece tap and die set, a large metal tool box containing large assortment of drill bits, a 3/8" drive electric drill and a 1/2" drive heavy duty electric drill

Lot 144

Large framed print of a library scene

Lot 144-2

Alternate image

Lot 145

Framed original watercolour painting "King's Arms Hotel" by artist Mary Masters, 13" X 19"

Lot 145-2

Alternate image

Lot 146

A pair of matching antique Victorian side chairs with original porcelain castors

Lot 147

Pair of vintage brass one quartz sauce pans with steel handles

Lot 148

Bisko Bosnian hand carved and hand painted pipe, 70" in length

Lot 148-2

Alternate image

Lot 148-3

Alternate image

Lot 149

Abstract soapstone carving 9 1/2" in height and initialled by artist on bottom

Lot 149-2

Alternate image

Lot 149-3

Alternate image

Lot 149-4

Alternate image

Lot 150

Charmin' Chatty doll with original outfit, shoes and glasses, and four records, original pull string working, but a little fast, plus a Canadian Mattel Chatty Cathy doll, original pull string, but sounds like she swallowed a chain saw

Lot 151

Vintage Peerless ice-cream maker and a vintage folding army cot

Lot 152

Three framed Aztec/Mexican prints

Lot 153

Vintage wooden acoustic guitar with tortoise shell style pick guard with interior label marked B.S. Master, London

Lot 154

Reupholstered Victorian two seat settee on original castors with delicate show wood

Lot 155

Tall green Medalta pottery "Asia" vase No. 2/14, see photo for chip in base, a cobalt Medalta vase plus a H & K Tunstall glazed "Autumn" vase

Lot 155-2

Alternate image

Lot 155-3

Alternate image

Lot 156

Tray lot of porcelain collectibles including five cups and saucers made by Aynsley, Noritake, unmarked pedestal love story set etc. Wiltshire bouillon with drip tray, cobalt and gilt plate and a set of unmarked hand painted shakers

Lot 157

Selection of collectibles including Queensware teapot, cream and sugar, two small pin trays etc. and a Bavarian "Love story" tea service including six cups and saucers

Lot 158

Semi-contemporary oak cylinder desk with book storage in base, pigeon hole interior and pull out writing surface

Lot 158-2

Alternate image

Lot 159

Heavy stone inkwell with wood cover, purportedly early 20th century

Lot 159-2

Alternate image

Lot 160

Selection of vintage glass including Carnival and Depression, center bowl, decanter with large charger etc.

Lot 161

Three original artworks including a watercolour floral still-life signed by artist Maurice '99, 9" X 13", miniature barn scene signed by artist B. Nemraba, and an unframed autumn tree lined path, no signature seen, 16" X 20"

Lot 162

English oak three drawer low boy with original pulls and finish

Lot 163

Decorative sailing ship model on base and a colourless Canadiana pressed glass oil lamp

Lot 164

Blue and white "Auspicious Descend" handled vase, 8 3/4" in height

Lot 164-2

Alternate image

Lot 165

Selection of collectibles including wooden barrel, marked Victoria, B.C and Oriental writing, plus a small cream can and a glass Polar water bottle

Lot 166

Antique oak free standing and rotating book storage on porcelain castors

Lot 167

Pair of white Medalta pottery No. 423 lamp bases

Lot 167-2

Alternate image

Lot 168

Vintage framed watercolour painting of the S.S. Beaver, first steamship in the Pacific Northwest coast of Canada 1835, signed by artist Muriel Robinson, 6 1/4" X 9"

Lot 168-2

Alternate image

Lot 168-3

Alternate image

Lot 168-4

Alternate image

Lot 168-5

Alternate image

Lot 169

Antique wrapped brass framed bevelled mirror with Celtic decoration, 34" X 23" overall

Lot 170

Semi-contemporary four tier oak book shelf

Lot 171

Selection of Oriental white metal collectibles including turtle paper weight, a rectangular twin dragon bell pendant, large silver plated "Memorial of Friendship" panda token, large silver plated metal token and a pair of "five tiger" scroll weights

Lot 171-2

Alternate image

Lot 172

Three framed pieces of art including shadowboxed rock collage "Friends; the sunshine of Life" by artist Jacqueline Peerett, Birch trees by artist Patrick St. Germaine and a large framed limited edition pencil print "Ursa and Great Bear" pencil signed by artist Steve Riddell 55/250

Lot 173

Selection of hand and power tools including new in box Mikita angle grinder, Black & Decker rechargeable drill, hand planes and power plane etc.

Lot 174

Two co-ordinating wooden wing back parlour chairs with carved decoration and a foot stool in matching upholsteru

Lot 175

Six branch chandelier with hanging lustres and a ceiling fixture with hanging lustres

Lot 175-2

Alternate image

Lot 176

Selection of wall art including unframed advertising posters and a framed Free Mason certificate plus a portfolio containing Andrew Wyeth reproductions etc.

Lot 177

Selection of pens including Waterman fountain and ball point pens and a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck fountain pen

Lot 178

Modern free standing oak bar with brass foot rail, stemware hangers and protective glass top

Lot 178-2

Alternate image

Lot 178-3

Alternate image

Lot 179

Six Royal Canadian Mint proof specimen sets including 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016

Lot 180

Six Royal Canadian Mint proof specimen sets including 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2016

Lot 181

Large selection of Canadian, American and foreign collectible stamps including stamp sheets, singles stamps, stamp books, first day stamps etc.

Lot 182

Two room ready newly upholstered antique Eastlake parlour chairs

Lot 183

Pair of brown mottled glazed Medalta pottery lamp bases no.16 and a similar coloured bedside Medalta lamp base

Lot 184

Eight pieces of antique Carnival glass including ruffled bowls and tumblers

Lot 185

Blue and white high neck garden vase, purportedly early 19th century and 17" in height

Lot 185-2

Alternate image

Lot 186

Multi tier round retail display with "Russ Make Someone Happy" signage

Lot 187

Selection of china collectibles including twelve teacups and saucer including Royal Albert, Aynsley, Queen Anne etc. and six Edmonton motif Royal Copenhagen collectible plates made for Reeds, plus two locomotive train motif plates

Lot 188

Two tray lots vof Noritake and Nippon including dinner pieces, handled dish, cups and saucers, mint dishes, shakers etc. plus a pedestal Occupied Japan cup and saucer

Lot 189

Gilt framed oil on canvas19th century mountain scene, no artist signature seen, 21" X 31"

Lot 189-2

Alternate image

Lot 190

Floor standing Victor Victrola model VV-XI gramophone in mahogany cabinet and working at time of cataloguing

Lot 190-2

Alternate image

Lot 190-3

Alternate image

Lot 191

Ladies 10kt yellow and white gold necklace. 17.50" in length. Retail replacement value $950.00

Lot 191-2

Alternate image

Lot 192

Ladies 14kt white gold ring set with 0.50ct princess cut center diamond and four 0.07ct brilliant round diamonds. Total diamond weight 0.78ct. Retail replacement value $2,203.26

Lot 192-2

Alternate image

Lot 193

Sino-Tibetan thangka, purportedly early 20th century, 25" X 18"

Lot 194

Baluster style mahogany round side table, elephant motif banquet lamp and a faux peony floral decoration

Lot 195

Service for eight of Rosenthal "Studio Linia" china dinnerware including dinner plates, side plates, tea cups and saucer, soup bowls plus tea pot, lidded cream and lidded sugar, shakers, and two serving bowl etc.

Lot 195-2

Alternate image

Lot 195-3

Alternate image

Lot 196

Old Tiffany & Co. ladies wrist watch, working at time of cataloguing and two Gent's Tissot watches in non-running condition

Lot 197

Ladies 14kt white gold and solitaire diamond pendant set with 0.50ct brilliant white diamond on 14kt white gold curb chain. Retail replacement value $2,200.00

Lot 197-2

Alternate image

Lot 197-3

Alternate image

Lot 197-4

Alternate image

Lot 198

Eleven antique oak framed spindle back dining chairs with rush seats including one carver, plus upholstered set cushions

Lot 199

Large polar bear rug mount with tag No. 6051 from Cape Dorset, Nunavut dated March 24, 1986. 8' 3" from nose to tail with complete set of claws and teeth on padded black felt border

Lot 199-2

Alternate image

Lot 199-3

Alternate image

Lot 200

Antique wall clock with porcelain face, visible pendulum and working at time of cataloguing

Lot 201

Blue and white "Phoenix" ground jar, purportedly 18th/19th century, 11" in height and 13" in diameter

Lot 202

Two Swarovski crystal ornaments including a Roe deer fawn 7608NR and a 1984 Inspiration Africa "The Kudu" note one antler broken, both with original packaging

Lot 202-2

Alternate image

Lot 202-3

Alternate image

Lot 202a

Ladies vintage 18kt yellow gold, sapphire and diamond ring, set with 1.00 ct of natural violet blue sapphire gemstones and 0.05ct center diamond. Retail replacement value $900.00

Lot 202a-2

Alternate image

Lot 203

A scientific balance scale made by the Torsion Balance Co. New York City and a vintage cast and brass scientific microsope

Lot 203-2

Alternate image

Lot 204

Two Spinach green jadeite bangles and an icy jade Buddha pendant and a jadeite carved pendant

Lot 205

Framed original acrylic on canvas print of crashing waves signed by artist Olivette, 15" X 30"

Lot 205-2

Alternate image

Lot 206

Three piece upholstered living room suite including two loveseats an armchair all with button tufted upholstered and carved show wood

Lot 206-2

Alternate image

Lot 207

Boxed "44th President of the United Sates Barack Obama" coin set including fifty states of American painted quarters in presentation box plus and uncut roll of American $1 bills, boxed set of 2008 World Reserve Monetary Exchange "Philadelphia Mint never circulated coins" plus a selection of loose American coins and a Russian 5 Kopek coin

Lot 208

Three Royal Canadian Mint boxed 2009 $25 dollar sterling silver collector coins including Cross Country skiing, Bobsled and Skeleton

Lot 209

Six boxed Royal Canadian MInt collector coins including 2009 $4 fine silver Tyrannosaurus Rex, 2009, $8 fine silver Maple of Wisdom coin, 2010 $4 fine silver Dromaeosaurus coin, 2013 proof silver dollar, and two 2013, 25 cent coloured coins including Wood duck and Purple cone flower and Eastern tail blue

Lot 210

Pair of matching art glass lovebirds, 8 1/2" in height and a onyx lovebird statue

Lot 211

Six Royal Canadian Mint proof specimen sets including 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

Lot 212

Six year 2000 boxed Royal Canadian Mint collectible coins including two toonies, Millennium 2000 twelve quarter boxed coin set, specimen set, and two Millennium 2000 quarter set in cardboard folio

Lot 213

Eight year 1999 Royal Canadian Mint collector's sets including proof set, twelve quarter set in box, three twelve quarter sets in cardboard folios, one cased toonie and two Canadian twelve quarter "Calendar Month" quarter sets in folios

Lot 214

Two wing chairs with ottomans all upholstered in matching velvet

Lot 215

Three pieces of Medalta pottery including 8" bowl, a No.23 Polygon jardinière, and No. 35 lamp base and two Medicine Hat Potteries Alberta Jubilee plates

Lot 215-2

Alternate image

Lot 215-3

Alternate image

Lot 215-4

Alternate image

Lot 216

Framed antique oil on canvas portrait painting, artist signed, 23" X 21". Needs restoration and cleaning

Lot 216-2

Alternate image

Lot 217

Selection of vintage and antique collectibles including art glass vase, unmarked hand painted cups and saucers, pierce handled bowl, hand enhanced plates etc.

Lot 218

Quality retro solid wood dining suite including 44" round table with three 12" inset leaves and six spindle back dining chairs including two carvers

Lot 219

Hand crafted cherry wood mantle clock with quartz movement, 25" in height

Lot 220

Jackson DX 10 D electric six string guitar with tobacco burst decoration in hard case

Lot 220-2

Alternate image

Lot 220-3

Alternate image

Lot 221

Selection of vintage etched glass and crystal including drinks decanter with four sherry glasses, water jug plus a selection of wine and aperitif glasses etc.

Lot 222

Three Swarovski crystal goslings including "Tom", "Dick" and "Harry" with original packaging, approximately 1 3/4" in height

Lot 222-2

Alternate image

Lot 223

Five pieces of colourless handmade Polish glassware including 17" candlestick, 12" center bowl with green glass rim, 10" flower vase, 9" dimpled rose bowl and a 13 1/2" flat center bowl

Lot 223-2

Alternate image

Lot 224

Pair of ladies 14kt yellow gold and diamond studs set with approximately 0.76ct of fancy yellow diamonds. Retail replacement value $2,266.70

Lot 224-2

Alternate image

Lot 225

Ladies 14kt yellow gold pendant set with 0.50ct marquise cut yellow gold diamond. Retail replacement value $1,742.91

Lot 225-2

Alternate image

Lot 226

Three piece teak bedroom furniture including mirrored dresser, three drawer low boy plus a fitted chiffarobe

Lot 226-2

Alternate image

Lot 227

Creamy white twin fish dish, purportedly early 19th century, 7" in diameter

Lot 228

Framed limited edition print " Shoreline Quartet" pencil signed by artist Carl Brenders, 795/1950

Lot 229

Pair upholstered swivel club chairs

Lot 230

Two upholstered swivel club chairs

Lot 231

Bespoke sewing machine converted to John Deere tractor child's ride on toy or garden decoration

Lot 231-2

Alternate image

Lot 232

Pair of 21" tall brass candlesticks

Lot 233

Selection of hand and power tools including Black & Decker mitre saw and Skil saw, Power Fist angle grinder and 3/8" hammer drill, set of new in box drill bits, micrometer, work light etc.

Lot 234

Mid century modern round teak dining table with two 20" insert leaves and six chairs with upholstered seats labeled "Danish Furniture Importing Co. Ltd. Toronto, Ontario"

Lot 234-2

Alternate image

Lot 235

Mid century modern teak sideboard with two sliding doors and four drawers, 84" in width

Lot 236

Two shelf lots of collectibles including Temptations 8 piece oven to tableware with storage lids and galleys, selection of crystal stemware, crystal drinks decanter, framed original still-life, Jade tree, Spode, Wedgwood plates etc.

Lot 237

Singer Featherweight sewing machine with accessories box, bobbin, all cords and manuals in carrying case

Lot 237-2

Alternate image

Lot 238

Antique oak and glass retail display counter on cast iron paw feet, 60" in width

Lot 239

Large selection of vintage linen including Irish linen tablecloth and matching napkins. damask cloths, napkins, handkerchiefs, tatted table cloths and placemats etc.

Lot 240

Pair of matching vintage metal framed stained leaded glass window, outside dimensions 26" X 21"

Lot 241

Pair of matching vintage metal framed stained leaded glass window, outside dimensions 26" X 21"

Lot 242

Vintage hand carved Inuit whale carving of a spear fisherman, 17 1/2" to the top of his hood

Lot 242-2

Alternate image

Lot 242-3

Alternate image

Lot 243

Two replica WW II campaign metals including Krim badge and Kuban bridgehead badge and a Nazi SS honour ring with inscription

Lot 243-2

Alternate image

Lot 243-3

Alternate image

Lot 243-4

Alternate image

Lot 243-5

Alternate image

Lot 243-6

Alternate image

Lot 243-7

Alternate image

Lot 244

Sterling silver dresser set including hand mirror, brush and comb

Lot 245

Watercolour on paper album containing erotic scenes and poetry, purportedly early 20th century

Lot 245-2

Alternate image

Lot 245-3

Alternate image

Lot 245-4

Alternate image

Lot 246

Genuine Narwhale tusk 92" in length, complete with Government of Canada Fisheries and Oceans Marine Mammal tag No. 3684 issued Apr.1, 1982 in Grise Fiord, Nunavut and signed on the back of tag by hunter Aksakjuk

Lot 246-2

Alternate image

Lot 246-3

Alternate image

Lot 246-4

Alternate image

Lot 247

A circular "Blessing" dark ink block, purportedly 19th century and a group of four carved jade stone ladies, purportedly 19th/20th century

Lot 248

Two framed and two unframed Robert Duncan prints including "The Egg Basket", "Menagerie of Friends", "To the back Pasture" and "At the Mill Pond"

Lot 248-2

Alternate image

Lot 249

A collection of nine early republic tokens, purportedly early 20th century, a parital collection of Oriental educational tokens and assorted tokens

Lot 250

Swarovski crystal "Mother Goose" 7613NR, 2 1/2" in height with original packaging

Lot 250-2

Alternate image

Lot 251

Two pieces of Fenton quilted glass including biscuit barrel and ruffled vase and an antique tri-coloured glass lidded syrup pitcher

Lot 252

Exquisite modern glass chandelier originally purchased at Park Lighting for large sums

Lot 253

Large giclee print of a grain elevator and fields

Lot 254

Unusual antique sideboard/desk, note top drawer flip down writing surface with pigeon holes

Lot 254-2

Alternate image

Lot 255

A Sino-Tibetan metal inlaid ceremonial conch, purportedly 19th century, and a Chinese Kow Ming party youth dagger, circa 1935, and an Oriental light infantry short bronze sword, plus a Sino-Tibetan bon prayer wheel

Lot 256

Antique 26" high phenakistoscope, a vintage surgical stapler and a Dr. Hercule Oxydoner #2 quackery device

Lot 256-2

Alternate image

Lot 257

Framed oil on board painting marked on verso "The Harbour" signed by artist Manly (Edward) MacDonald, 11 3/4" X 15 1/2"

Lot 257-2

Alternate image

Lot 257-3

Alternate image

Lot 258

Czechoslovakian tea set including six snack plates, six cups, five saucers, tea pot, lidded sugar and creamer

Lot 258-2

Alternate image

Lot 258-3

Alternate image

Lot 259

Set of two spinach jade "spell" panels, 9 1/2" in width

Lot 259-2

Alternate image

Lot 260

Tray of ladies brand new rings all set with cabochon oval gemstones, 101 rings in total

Lot 261

Pair of 19th century hand chased brass vases, plus a pair of brass candlesticks and vintage toby jug

Lot 262

Large blue ground "Inner Ministry" dragon was with lid, purportedly early 19th century, 24" in height

Lot 263

Selection of decor items including map motif trunk, free standing ashtray and a barley twist statuary stand

Lot 264

Twelve parts boxed and contents including spring clips, woodruff keys, frost plugs, nuts and bolts, self tapping screws etc.

Lot 265

Modern matched grain double pedestal dining table with 18" insert leaf and six matching chairs with upholstered seats and back including two carvers

Lot 266

Vintage red wooden tool chest with three drawers and contents including axes, axe heads, hammer heads, wooden mallets etc.

Lot 266-2

Alternate image

Lot 266-3

Alternate image

Lot 267

Carved wood incense burner and a famille rose "thousand flowers" lidded jar, early 20th century

Lot 267-2

Alternate image

Lot 267-3

Alternate image

Lot 268

Brass helmet with attached decoration and a Aqua-lung U.S diver's knife with scabbard

Lot 269

Mid 20th century walnut flat to the wall table and a rectangular coffee table

Lot 270

Five Royal Canadian Mint specimen sets including two 2002 Golden Jubilee proof sets, two 2003 including Coronation set and stamp and coin set, 2001 National Ballet proof set and a 2016 United Kingdom Annual coin set

Lot 271

Four Royal Canadian Mint coin sets including 2001 proof set, 2002 Golden Jubilee, 1992 125th Anniversary of Canada Provincial twelve quarter set in one loonie and a boxed Festival of Canada including thirteen 50 cent pieces

Lot 272

Large selection of Royal Canadian Mint collector coins and tokens including 2012 three $20 Polar bear coin set, plus 2001, 2002 and 2003 coloured coins, Queen "Once Upon A Time" ten coin set etc.

Lot 273

Retro chrome and aborite dining set with four upholstered chairs

Lot 274

Black glazed Medalta Pottery No. 16 lamp base and a No. 101 Dutch motif 11" in height

Lot 274-2

Alternate image

Lot 274-3

Alternate image

Lot 275

Two framed original oil on canvas paintings including a homestead and a barn with silo both signed by artist J. Young and both 36" X 24"

Lot 275-2

Alternate image

Lot 275-3

Alternate image

Lot 275-4

Alternate image

Lot 276

Carved red coral necklace, a cinnabar coral bracelet, a bees wax beaded bracelet and a Japanese South Sea red coral necklace

Lot 277

Antique Singer treadle sewing machine in oak case

Lot 277-2

Alternate image

Lot 278

Chrome and smoke glass 28" ceiling fixture

Lot 279

Tray lot of collectible watches including Fossil, replica Rolex, Lacoste, Breitling

Lot 280

Four Royal Doulton figurines including "Lydia" H1908, "Cissie" HN1809, "Chloe" HN M9 and "Rose" HN1368

Lot 280-2

Alternate image

Lot 281

Three pieces French Provincial living room set including two single drawer end tables and a coffee table

Lot 281-2

Alternate image

Lot 282

Set of three oak barley twist quality nesting tables

Lot 283

Framed vintage watercolour painting marked on verso "Near Fort Francis" 1890 signed by artist Fredrick Arthur Francis (1836-1928), 8 1/4" X 10 3/4"

Lot 283-2

Alternate image

Lot 283-3

Alternate image

Lot 284

Selection of sterling silver seafood forks and three sterling collector's spoons plus a tray lot of silver plate serving pieces, coffee spoons etc. and a pair of triple branch "Primrose" silver plate candelabras

Lot 285

Two free standing oak back and double sided retail displays with glass shelves

Lot 285-2

Alternate image

Lot 286

Two framed gold certified gold Canadian Recording Industry Association records including Amy Grant "Straight Ahead" and "Image VII Album-Tribute to Christmas"

Lot 286-2

Alternate image

Lot 286-3

Alternate image

Lot 287

Ladies 10kt yellow and white gold ruby and diamond gemstone ring

Lot 288

Ladies 10kt yellow gold 22" in length, and a 10kt yellow gold and diamond heart shaped pendant

Lot 289

Electrohome walnut cabinet hi- fi with built in speakers, record player and radio

Lot 289-2

Alternate image

Lot 290

Waterford crystal 6" diameter crystal comport with original box

Lot 290-2

Alternate image

Lot 290-3

Alternate image

Lot 291

Antique ornate 19th century, gilt framed 30" oval mirror

Lot 291-2

Alternate image

Lot 292

Antique framed oil on board painting of a Venetian scene, appears unsigned, 11" X 9"

Lot 292-2

Alternate image

Lot 293

Vintage mirrored hall stand with flip seat storage and cast coat hooks

Lot 294

Vintage 24" beaded Amber necklace

Lot 295

Large selection of foreign coins and bank notes

Lot 296

Selection of Canadian coins and bank notes including 2013 ten dollar fine silver coin new in box, 2011 three dollar fine silver coin in box, 1975 proof set and a 2000 sterling silver hockey 50 cent piece plus six 1954 one dollar bills, two 1954 two dollar bills, two 1974 two dollar bills and two 1986 two bills

Lot 296-2

Alternate image

Lot 297

Vintage telephone table with phone book storage and matching chair

Lot 298

Framed antique coloured engraving "Bow Meeting" originally painted by John Townshend and two framed prints by F. Wheatley plus framed print of the Rex Whistler mural of a Mediterranean landscape

Lot 299

Two framed limited edition giclee on paper prints including "Mixt" 6/450 and "Simhoned" 9/450 by artist Paola Lanza

Lot 299-2

Alternate image

Lot 300

Selection of automotive diagnostic and repair tools including new in box 500 amp load tester, heavy duty battery charger, a Black and Decker valve seat and face renewer, and ignition tester

Lot 301

Brass and glass two door fire screen, 42" wide at base

Lot 302

Beaded necklace with rhinestone and rose gold tone leopard clasp, beaded south sea style pearl necklace with matching earrings, a gold plated neck chain, a floral brooch with rhinestone leaves and a beaded necklace with rhinestone and white gold tone leopard necklace

Lot 303

Two shelf lots of collectibles including antique brass blow torches, clamp, irons, tools, canvas bags, brace and bits, circle cutters etc.

Lot 304

Reproduction cast iron small counter top coffee grinder, 12" in height

Lot 305

Newcomb portable record player with detached speakers and a Model 5153 console radio/record player

Lot 305-2

Alternate image

Lot 306

Framed oil on canvas painting marked on verso "Sunny Okanogan" signed by artist G.C. Hogg, 24" X 36"

Lot 306-2

Alternate image

Lot 307

Three pieces of Medalta pottery including a rare cream coloured 8 1/2" vase, and two with mottled glazing

Lot 307-2

Alternate image

Lot 308

Blue and white over glazed unlidded ginger jar, purportedly early 20th century, 8" in height

Lot 309

Mid 20th century walnut double pedestal kneehole mirrored vanity and matching five drawer highboy

Lot 309-2

Alternate image

Lot 310

Selection of porcelain collectibles including French floral motif bowl and plate with gilt edging, large 11" diameter double handled tureen marked Bruxelles, lidded decanter etc.

Lot 311

Two toy cap pistols including a Hubley Army .45, two miniature scale machinist handmade cannons, a Pelouze weigh scale and a crystal ball on base

Lot 312

Tree and bird motif stained glass panel, overall dimensions 40" X 20"

Lot 313

Victorian open arm upholstered parlour chair with carved show wood and scroll supports

Lot 314

Eight Royal Canadian Mint collectible boxed coins including four 2003 coins including one $20 coin and three $1

Lot 315

Five Royal Canadian Mint boxed collectible coins including 2006 $20 coin and 2006 $1 coin, 2005 loonie, 2005 $5 coin and a 2005 $20 coin

Lot 316

Selection of vintage toys including two Solido toy tanks in boxes, two vintage cap guns, German plastic soldiers, pump style BB gun, tin clown etc. all in a vintage doll trunk

Lot 317

Selection of Inuit antler carvings including a 6 1/2" high female figure and four small figures, plus a miniature hide knife

Lot 317-2

Alternate image

Lot 317-3

Alternate image

Lot 317-4

Alternate image

Lot 318

Mastercraft sliding compound mitre saw, with original box and working at time of cataloguing

Lot 319

Ladies 14kt yellow gold and cabochon conch pearl ring. Retail replacement value $512.11

Lot 319-2

Alternate image

Lot 320

Six sterling silver rings including gemstone set, band, cluster ring etc.

Lot 321

Complete set of leather bound Encyclopaedia Britannica 11th edition circa 1910-1911, 29 volumes in set, appropriate age condition, see photos

Lot 321-2

Alternate image

Lot 321-3

Alternate image

Lot 321-4

Alternate image

Lot 321-5

Alternate image

Lot 322

Antique Singer treadle sewing machine base sans sewing machine and a Singer portable sewing machine case, no machine

Lot 322-2

Alternate image

Lot 323

Antique hanging cherub motif plant pot and an antique brass and Vaseline glass hurricane

Lot 323-2

Alternate image

Lot 324

Tray lot of crystal including two drinks decanters, lidded candy dish, cream and sugar, two small sauce pitchers, shakers etc.

Lot 325

Set of Royal Worchester "Embassy" china including seven dinner plate, six luncheon plates, seven bread and butter, seven cups and saucers

Lot 325-2

Alternate image

Lot 325-3

Alternate image

Lot 326

Large selection of decor items including a hummingbird painted glass window, galvanized water can, painted cream can, bird house motif coat rack etc.

Lot 327

Two shelf lots of collectibles including vintage porcelain and glass, candlesticks, Depression glass, lidded boxes, cups and saucer, pin trays, etc.

Lot 328

Two original artworks including framed acrylic on board abstract nude, no signature seen 19" X 23" and a acrylic on canvas "Loaded with Life" signed on verso Lillian Carleton, 30" X 24"

Lot 329

Glazed porcelain Goebel reclining dog, 12" in length, a 6" high Beswick Pekingese and an unmarked pig

Lot 330

Selection of crystal fleur-de-li motif glasses including seven wine, four sherry etc.

Lot 330-2

Alternate image

Lot 331

Set of "Historical Britain" made by Sutherland China "Warwick Castle" including nine each of dinner plates, luncheon plates, bread and butter plates and eight cups and saucer

Lot 331-2

Alternate image

Lot 331-3

Alternate image

Lot 332

Large wood tool chest and contents including pick axes, hoes, pry bar, hand scythe etc. plus a tool box containing a Craftsman 14" chainsaw

Lot 332-2

Alternate image

Lot 332-3

Alternate image

Lot 333

Two retail displays including Ty beanie babies, and a rotating display with wire pockets

Lot 334

Antique Victorian beaded shawl and a black parasol with bamboo style handle

Lot 334-2

Alternate image

Lot 334-3

Alternate image

Lot 335

Four cast coal heated irons

Lot 336

Vintage violin in case with two bows

Lot 337

Two antique pedestal style oil lamps, both have been electrified

Lot 338

Framed limited edition print "Frozen in Time" pencil signed by artist G. Drysdale 378/850 and two empty shadow box frames 24" X 20

Lot 338-2

Alternate image

Lot 339

Two vintage wood and glass "Economy Canadian Wood Ware" washboards and hand crank water pump

Lot 340

Three Hummel/Goebel figurines, all little boys

Lot 341

Wooden window motif wall mirror, a vintage etched wall mirror and a small open book shelf

Lot 342

Ink on paper compulsory poems purportedly early 20th century, ink on paper scroll "Imperial Order", purportedly 19th/20th century, plus a watercolour on paper painting of a horse, 33" X 17" painted area

Lot 342-2

Alternate image

Lot 343

Shelf lot of vintage Carnival glass including center bowls, divided dish, butter keep, cream and sugar, footed bowls etc.

Lot 343-2

Alternate image

Lot 344

Two 10kt yellow gold rings including one set with emerald gemstone and one set with oval shaped cabochon nephrite jade

Lot 345

Four clocks including two wall clocks and two mantle clocks, one pendulum missing and each in need of attention

Lot 345-2

Alternate image

Lot 346

Four pieces of handmade Polish glassware including 19" mercury glass flask, 12" bell cloche, 11" tall cylinder jar and a 12" rose bowl

Lot 347

Two doll prams and a small doll sized suitcase plus doll

Lot 348

Selection of hand and power tools including Black & Deckers sanders, Black & Decker circular saw, jigsaw, angle grinder, electric drill etc.

Lot 349

Selection of decor items including copper bed pan, wooden horse and gilt round mirror with eagle topper

Lot 350

Tray lot of porcelain collectibles including three pieces of Maling, plus Nippon, Limoges, James Kent pitcher etc.

Lot 351

Swarovsi Elephant from the Inspiration Africa Collection 169970, in height with original packaging, 3 1/4" in height

Lot 351-2

Alternate image

Lot 352

Selection of quality vintage collectibles including footed German bowl, Bavarian hand painted and lidded dresser box, footed rose bowl, quality cut crystal center bowl, and cups and saucers including Aynsley

Lot 353

Two pincushions dolls, plus a pincushion doll head and two wax heads

Lot 354

Two pieces of Waterford crystal including a lidded mustard pot and a 6" high handled pitcher

Lot 355

Two key wind animals including playful kitten and a chirping bird

Lot 356

Three pieces of antique porcelain including a 17 1/2" bird motif lidded urn, note handle repair, plus two French comports, each with floral motif

Lot 357

Antique fitted Georgian mahogany tea caddy circa early 1800's

Lot 357-2

Alternate image

Lot 358

Two purple clay Oriental teapots, each one with jade spout, finial and handle and both are engraved and stamped, purportedly early 20th century

Lot 358-2

Alternate image

Lot 358-3

Alternate image

Lot 359

Selection of antique flow blue made by Alfred Meakin "Harvard?"

Lot 359-2

Alternate image

Lot 360

Two matching silver plate trays and contents including small Bristol glass vase, Dresden figurines, Birks sterling silver cake comb, Staffordshire dogs, lidded Wedgwood spooner etc.

Lot 361

Selection of vintage costume jewellery including Celtic pin, diamante necklaces and earrings, bangles, Aurora Borealis suite etc.

Lot 362

Six Royal Canadian Mint boxed proof coins including 2016 150th Anniversary of the Transatlantic cable silver dollar, 2015 $20 fine silver Ice Dancer coin, two 2012 coins including Brilliant non-circulated dollar and proof silver dollar, 2011 proof silver dollar and a 2014 brilliant non-circulated silver dollar

Lot 363

Ten Royal Canadian Mint boxed proof coins including 1996 Polar bear $2 coin, one1994 and one 1995 Peacekeeping dollars, two 1999 International Year of Older Persons 9.25 sterling silver dollars, 150th Anniversary of Toronto silver dollar, 2000 Voyage of Discovery dollar, 2002 Golden Jubilee proof silver dollar, 1998 125th Anniversary of the R.C.M.P dollar and a 1999 Queen Charlotte Islands 225th Anniversary proof dollar

Lot 363-2

Alternate image

Lot 364

Five new in box Canadian stamp collector sets including the years 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2015

Lot 365

Antique mahogany center pedestal Empire style 26" diameter occasional table

Lot 366

Selection of collectibles including Beswick Owl 1046, Beswick wall mount bird 661/2, two Royal Doulton figurines including "Bedtime" HN1978 and "Lydia", a Rosenthal rabbit, a Royal Winton pedestal bowl and a Carltonware decorative dish

Lot 367

Ladies 18kt white gold 20" neck chain with small diamond pendant

Lot 368

Ladies 18kt yellow gold 18" neck chain and an 18kt gold and diamond pendant

Lot 369

Empire style 36" high statuary/fern stand

Lot 370

Vintage wall mount barometer with carved wooden frame, 7" in diameter

Lot 371

Two Inuit antler carvings including a four person spear hunting team 11" across and a mother and child fishing 9" across

Lot 372

Vintage metal doll carriage and two new in box Royal Doulton figurines including "April" HN5629 and "November" HN5636

Lot 372-2

Alternate image

Lot 372-3

Alternate image

Lot 373

Antique two door, single drawer harp back washstand

Lot 374

Art Deco bronze statuette of a dancing girl on onyx base 15" in height, signed by artist Ferdinand Preiss, note some damage to fingers

Lot 375

Two unusual Medalta pottery lamp vases including one beehive shaped and a log motif humidor

Lot 375-2

Alternate image

Lot 375-3

Alternate image

Lot 376

Four assorted and complimenting Eastern Canadian antique chairs including one rocker

Lot 377

Antique slate chiming mantle clock with porcelain dial and Roman numerals, working at time of cataloguing

Lot 378

Durex 4 1/2" metal cutting band saw and a Shopmate 6" bench grinder on stand

Lot 378-2

Alternate image

Lot 378-3

Alternate image

Lot 379

Framed oil on board painting of a mill along side a river, signed by artist E. Baumgartner, 20" X 16"

Lot 379-2

Alternate image

Lot 380

Two tray lots of quality crystal stemware including unmarked crystal, signed Waterford, and glass appertif with cased red glass stem

Lot 381

Semi-contemporary pine flip up writing desk with single drawer

Lot 381-2

Alternate image

Lot 382

Three vintage ships in bottles

Lot 383

Ladies 18kt white gold and diamond band set with 0.67ct of brilliant white diamonds. Retail replacement value $3692.00

Lot 383-2

Alternate image

Lot 384

Silver plate grape and vine decorated punch bowl, 11" in height and 15" in diameter and a matching punch ladle

Lot 384-2

Alternate image

Lot 385

Selection of antique daguerreotypes, two pairs of eye glasses and a beaded pouch

Lot 386

Two Lladro figurines including D-3M Sleepy baby boy and D-11F girl in nightdress

Lot 386-2

Alternate image

Lot 387

Gilt framed rectangular wall mirror, 32" x 41"

Lot 387-2

Alternate image

Lot 388

Selection of vintage carved cameo brooches including sterling silver and gold plated pieces

Lot 389

Silver plate shell motif center bowl and a selection of costume jewellery including sterling silver, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, Pandora style beads etc.

Lot 390

Vintage cast horse motif hitching post 52" in height

Lot 390-2

Alternate image

Lot 391

Swarovski crystal "Care For Me" the whales D01X921, in height with original packaging, 4" in height

Lot 391-2

Alternate image

Lot 391-3

Alternate image

Lot 392

Four Hummel/Goebel figurines including "From My Garden", "The Little Pair" with original boxes and School Girl" and " Serenade"

Lot 392-2

Alternate image

Lot 393

Pair of matching mid 20th century needle point upholstered side chairs with carved floral decoration

Lot 394

Gilt framed oil on canvas 19th century mountain and river scene painting, no artist signature seen, 22" X 30"

Lot 395

Framed vintage abstract watercolour painting by Canadian abstract artist William Ronald '59, 7 3/4" X 9 1/2"

Lot 395-2

Alternate image

Lot 395-3

Alternate image

Lot 396

Crackle glazed yellow ground baluster vase, purportedly 18th century and a crackle glazed figural vase, both 7 1/2" in height

Lot 397

Antique Canadiana drop front secretaire with open book shelf and fitted interior

Lot 398

Glazed porcelain bust of 18th century Russian military leader Alexander Suvorov, 12" in height

Lot 398-2

Alternate image

Lot 399

Hunt motif brass stick stand

Lot 399-2

Alternate image

Lot 400

Copper and brass hand pump fire extinguisher, a heavy duty No. 51 jack and a vintage tire pump

Lot 401

Pair of antique Eastlake button tufted chairs plus a similar but mismatched upholstered chair

Lot 402

Large canvas giclee of "The Beatles"

Lot 403

Framed art deco perfume advertisement "Parfums, Bourjois, New York" and framed print of W.R. Leigh's painting entitled "The Right of Way Disputed"

Lot 404

Two pairs of glazed Medalta Pottery lamps, all in matching burgundy colour including No.238 and No. 242

Lot 404-2

Alternate image

Lot 404-3

Alternate image

Lot 405

Quality designer curved glass coffee table with under shelf

Lot 406

Four cased socket sets including 3/4" drive, 1/2" drive. 3/8" drive and 1/4"

Lot 407

Selection of Royal Doulton/Lambeth ironstone table ware "Bistro" including service for seven of dinner plate, teacups and saucers, coffee mugs, cereal bowls and eight side plates, teapot, lidded sugar, cream, lidded casserole and a sauce boat

Lot 407-2

Alternate image

Lot 407-3

Alternate image

Lot 408

Three sterling silver rings including two set with small diamonds and one set with multi-coloured sapphire gemstones

Lot 409

Modern bonded leather recliner

Lot 409-2

Alternate image

Lot 410

Six Royal Canadian Mint boxed four fifty cent coin sets including Discovery of Nature 1997 "Canada's Best Friends", two boxed 1996 "Little Wild Ones" and 2000 "Canada's Birds of Prey" plus 1998 Ocean Giants and Canada on the Wind

Lot 411

Nine Royal Canadian Mint collector coins sets including "Reel Coinz" movie collector coins: five coin Lord of the Rings set, five coin Jurassic Park set, five coin Shrek set, five coin Harry Potter set, five coin Lord of the Rings set, five coin Harry Potter "Hogwarts" set, plus two 2006 Winter Souvenirs decimal sets and a 2005 Happy Holidays decimal set with painted Christmas stocking quarter

Lot 411-2

Alternate image

Lot 411-3

Alternate image

Lot 411-4

Alternate image

Lot 411-5

Alternate image

Lot 411-6

Alternate image

Lot 411-7

Alternate image

Lot 412

Five boxed "The Collections of Canada's stamp sets" including 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009

Lot 413

Antique brass hanging oil lamp (electrified) with a floral motif milk glass shade and hanging lustres

Lot 414

Antique Singer treadle sewing machine in oak case, note condition of lithos

Lot 414-2

Alternate image

Lot 415

Blue and white duck pond sleeve vase, purportedly early 19th century, 16" in height

Lot 416

Miniature Singer sewing machine and a Nevada Buckaroo bank

Lot 417

Antique French mercury gilded mantle clock with love story panels, trying to work but needs attention, crystal missing, with a set of matching garnitures

Lot 418

A Russian replica of a Nazi German dagger, a South Asian "Evil Be Gone" talisman, a silver plated pendant and two Japanese Katana hand guards

Lot 418-2

Alternate image

Lot 419

Six sterling silver rings including marcasite butterfly, gemstone set etc.

Lot 420

Antique oak dining suite including draw leaf table and six chairs including a carver

Lot 420-2

Alternate image

Lot 421

Oak sideboard to match lot 420 with added oak china cabinet display, note two pieces

Lot 422

Setting for twelve of Grosvenor "Heritage" bone china dinnerware including dinner plates, sideplates, bread and butter plates, bouillon and under plates, tea cups and saucer, fruit nappies, plus teapot, cream and lidded sugar, lidded serving dish, two open vegetable dishes, gravy boat with drip tray and two oval platters

Lot 422-2

Alternate image

Lot 422-3

Alternate image

Lot 423

Pair of cherub motif table lamps with tasselled shades

Lot 424

Shadow box framed Bobsey Twins books including "The Bobsey Twins at the Country Fair" and "The Bobsey Twins in Mexico" plus two framed Bessie Pease Gutmann prints

Lot 424-2

Alternate image

Lot 424-3

Alternate image

Lot 425

Antique slate chiming mantle clock with slate dial and engraved and painted Roman numerals decorated with Grecian columns and Greek figures, plus a set of matching garnitures, clock working at time of cataloguing

Lot 425-2

Alternate image

Lot 425-3

Alternate image

Lot 426

Ladies 14kt white gold and diamond ring set with large 2.50ct brilliant cut round center diamond and two 0.70ct brilliant cut shoulder diamonds. Total diamond weight 3.90ct. Retail replacement value $13,650.00

Lot 426-2

Alternate image

Lot 427

Brass and copper bed warmer and four sadirons with handles

Lot 428

Five unframed acrylic on canvas paintings including an outdoor cafe at night, signed by artist 24" X 21", a shoreline and lighthouse at dusk signed by artist 21" X 24", a horse track with riders signed by artist Micheul 21" X 24", a Mediterranean coastal sunset signed by artist Judy H. 21" X 24" and Paris street scene Moulin Rouge signed by artist Berny 21" X 24"

Lot 428-2

Alternate image

Lot 428-3

Alternate image

Lot 428-4

Alternate image

Lot 428-5

Alternate image

Lot 429

Two shelf lots of collectibles including stoneware Mead bottles, cast mantle top picture frames, small wood and glass washstand, juke box controller motif cookie jar etc.

Lot 430

Tray lot of gemstone necklaces and bead strands including nephrite, quartz, amethyst etc.

Lot 431

Tray lot of gemstone and jewellery making beads including pink quartz, nephrite, turquoise, plus carved pieces etc.

Lot 432

Large gilt framed Victorian needlework under glass, 25" X 21"

Lot 432-2

Alternate image

Lot 433

Antique Canadiana Eastlake splayed pedestal occasional table with carved skirt

Lot 434

Six Royal Canadian mint boxed coins 2009 Brilliant non-circulated dollar, 2009 Proof silver dollar, 2009 $4 dollar fine silver Tyrannosaurus Rex coin, two 2012, 25 cent coloured coins including Aster and Bumble and Rose breasted Grosbeak and a 2013 silver dollar

Lot 435

Complete set of "The Commemorative Design Coins of Canada" including special issue war nickels up to 2012, approximately 115 coins in total and in two collector folios with catalogue

Lot 436

Selection of 1978 Edmonton Commonwealth Game collector tokens, 296 in total

Lot 437

Modern oak two door corner display cabinet with glass shelves and bevelled glass doors

Lot 438

Three framed prints including Elvis Presley and Eric Clapton and a framed Bob Marley print

Lot 439

American 1878 Morgan dollar in bezel

Lot 439-2

Alternate image

Lot 439-3

Alternate image

Lot 439-4

Alternate image

Lot 439-5

Alternate image

Lot 440

Watercolour on paper album by a modern artist and a group of two traditional style packages of rice paper for watercolour painting

Lot 440-2

Alternate image

Lot 440-3

Alternate image

Lot 441

Five Hummel/Goebel figurines including one early "Worship" figurine

Lot 442

Selection of antique ruby flash etched to clear stemware including eight champagne, seven wine goblets and five aperitif or sherry glasses

Lot 442-2

Alternate image

Lot 443

Four Royal Doulton figurines including "Goody Two Shoes" HN2067, "Affection" HN236, "Monica" HN1463 and "Doreas"

Lot 443-2

Alternate image

Lot 444

Ladies 18kt white gold and diamond ring set with1.00ct radiant cut fancy dark pink center diamond and 0.77ct of brilliant cut melee diamonds. 1.77ct total diamond weight. Retail replacement value $20,433.56

Lot 444-2

Alternate image

Lot 445

Large locking roller cabinet ( with key) and side attachments plus contents including wrenches, sockets, diagnostic tools, hammer, chisels, screw drivers etc.

Lot 445-2

Alternate image

Lot 445-3

Alternate image

Lot 445-4

Alternate image

Lot 446

Mechanic's ten drawer chest and contents including hand tools, sockets, wrenches, hammers, plyers, chisels, staplers etc.

Lot 446-2

Alternate image

Lot 447

Celadon flambé scholar vase purportedly 18th century and 9" in height and an Oriental white metal jar with cover and Foo dog finial

Lot 447-2

Alternate image

Lot 448

Heavy copper incense burner with cover and a crackle glazed 19th century blue and white bowl

Lot 448-2

Alternate image

Lot 449

Two Swarovski Swan including "Centenary Swan" 7633NR, 2" in height plus a smaller swan, both with original packaging

Lot 450

Carved Inuit soapstone of a warrior with tusk spear signed by artist Lyta Josephie 8 1/2" in height

Lot 450-2

Alternate image

Lot 451

Swarovski crystal Jubilee edition squirrel #7400NR, in height with original packaging, 2 1/2" in height

Lot 451-2

Alternate image

Lot 452

Ladies 14k yellow gold and diamond wedding set including 0.20ct brilliant cut center diamond and 0.13ct of accent diamonds. Total diamond weight 0.33ct. Retail replacement value $1,849.98

Lot 452-2

Alternate image

Lot 453

Ladies 10kt yellow gold, simulated emerald and diamond ring set with 0.02ct single cut diamonds. Retail replacement value $826.56

Lot 453-2

Alternate image

Lot 454

Wooden produced box and selection of collectibles including Simpson's Pottery cups and saucers, Medalta creamer and jug, glass coke bottle and several collectible pieces of Medalta etc.

Lot 455

Sino-Tibetan ceremonial Dzi bead bracelet with bone separator

Lot 456

Ladies 14kt white gold and diamond Princess cut framed bridal set. 1.50ct total weight and currently listed at People's jewellers for $3,399.00

Lot 457

Two center pedestal mid 20th century occasional tables

Lot 458

Two small Swarvoski crystal animals including a goldfish and a monkey

Lot 459

Pair of antique cast figural three branch candlestick with figural urn decoration, with added no operational oil lamp font and globe, height to top of chimney, 33" to top of chimney

Lot 459-2

Alternate image

Lot 459-3

Alternate image

Lot 460

Selection of quality antique porcelain collectibles including R.S. Prussia, R.S Germany etc.

Lot 461

Mid century modern nine drawer mirrored dresser and a double sized bed with attached side tables

Lot 461-2

Alternate image

Lot 462

Original 19th century watercolour painting of a Scottish coastal scene by English painter Robert Cooper '73, 16 1/2" X 27 1/2"

Lot 462-2

Alternate image

Lot 463

Two stoneware crocks including a five gallon Redwing and a three gallon Medalta

Lot 464

Large selection of collector's plates including Inuit portraits, Norman Rockwell etc. plus angel and Marilyn Monroe hang able ornaments

Lot 465

Multi tier glass and block retail display with Austin Sculpture Gallery acrylic label

Lot 466

Selection of brass pots with steel handles

Lot 467

Power Fist 8" bench grinder with stand, a 24lb anvil and a large 6" bench vice

Lot 467-2

Alternate image

Lot 468

Brass double inkwell with pen holder and crystal ink bottles

Lot 468-2

Alternate image

Lot 469

Two antique German bisque head dolls including A.M 370 on stuffed cloth body 18" in height and 18" doll with leather body and bisque arms. Both with sleep eyes, no cracks or chips seen

Lot 470

Pair of antique Oriental influenced open arm parlour chairs

Lot 471

Selection of quality antique porcelain collectibles including Limoges, R.S Germany, Bavarian etc.

Lot 472

Two hanging decor pictures including "Conservatory Gardens" stretcher framed mixed media print and "Vases and Urns'" framed print

Lot 473

Bamboo motif luggage rack and a floor standing cheval mirror

Lot 474

Large selection of signed Stuart crystal stemware including twelve red wine, twelve white wine, twelve juice cups and three aperitif

Lot 475

Three pieces of cold painted Medalta pottery including an 8" high lamp base, small bedside lamp base with parrot and a floral painted vase

Lot 475-2

Alternate image

Lot 476

Framed oil on board painting of a snowy mountainous scene signed by artist Jowano circa 1968, 23" X 35"

Lot 476-2

Alternate image

Lot 477

Matched grain waterfall bedroom suite including double pedestal mirrored drop vanity with bench, four drawer highboy, single drawer night table and a double headboard, footboard and rails made by Victoriaville Furniture Co.

Lot 477-2

Alternate image

Lot 478

Large framed oilettte featuring a thick wooded forest, 50" X 54"

Lot 479

Framed limited edition print "Tasting Spring-Anna's Hummingbird" pencil signed by artist T. Issac, 525/1250

Lot 480

Ladies vintage 14kt yellow gold and blue sapphire bow shaped brooch hallmarked Hungary. Set with 1.60ct of blue sapphire gemstones. Retail replacement value $7,756.80

Lot 480-2

Alternate image

Lot 481

Canadiana style curved glass side by side drop front secretaire with beveled mirror

Lot 482

Three framed original pieces of wall art including "Look both ways first", "Come play with me" and snowboarders all 8" X 6" and signed by artist T. Mardon

Lot 482-2

Alternate image

Lot 483

Jewellery box and contents including brooches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles etc plus a ladies compact, vintage purses etc.

Lot 484

Cedar lined oak blanket box made by Victoriaville

Lot 484-2

Alternate image

Lot 484-3

Alternate image

Lot 485

English quarter cut oak, two drawer mirrored vanity

Lot 486

Cast iron horse and rider motif free standing letter box, 45" in height

Lot 486-2

Alternate image

Lot 487

Heavy gilt lacquered bronze figure of Avalokiteshvara bodhisattva, purportedly Sino-Tibetan, circa 15th century height 19 1/4"

Lot 487-2

Alternate image

Lot 487-3

Alternate image

Lot 487-4

Alternate image

Lot 487-5

Alternate image

Lot 487-6

Alternate image

Lot 487-7

Alternate image

Lot 488

Three drawer art deco low boy with original decorative finish and pulls

Lot 489

Primitive hand made pine arm chair with rush seat

Lot 490

Selection of Royal Canadian Mint bank notes and coin sets including two Lasting Impressions boxed Bank of Canada non-circulated bank notes, one with two $5 notes and one $10 notes, two1996 $2 coin and note set, plus a 2004 $50 bank note and two 2004 $20 bank notes

Lot 491

Six Royal Canadian Mint new in box specimen coin sets including 2010 Young Wildlife series Linx, 2011 Young Wildlife series Elk, 2013 Young Wildlife series Black Bear, two 2014 Young Wildlife series Rabbits and 2015 Baby Racoons

Lot 492

Five new and unopened Canada Post "Collection Canada" stamp books with stamps including 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004

Lot 493

Channel back upholstered parlour chair and a semi-contemporary table lamp

Lot 494

Three Medalta glazed pottery lamp bases including cobalt No. 20 etc.

Lot 494-2

Alternate image

Lot 495

Cinnabar bead bracelet, a cinnabar coloured glazed beaded necklace, a pair of Oriental blessing white metal bangles and a conch shell necklace and earrings

Lot 496

Unframed limited edition titled abstract print ,pencil signed by artist Baroni 241/500

Lot 496-2

Alternate image

Lot 497

Large freestanding retail display unit, wood with metal accents

Lot 498

Royal Doulton Cocker Spaniel HN1020 and a Royal Doulton Jack Russell HN 1092

Lot 499

Three pieces of colourless handmade Polish glassware including 23" footed glass vase, 24" cylinder vase, note chip on rim, and a 10" high ice bucket that is 12" in diameter, slight nibble on rim

Lot 500

Selection of tea cups and mugs including Royal Albert coffee cups, Paragon, Queens, Royal Vale, plus two Rosenthal mugs etc.

Lot 501

Brass based and glass topped quality oval coffee table

Lot 502

Sterling silver punch ladle stamped C.A.W. Crossby & Sons

Lot 503

Four double dollar Mint sealed coin sets including 1980, 1982, 1983 and 1988

Lot 504

Two framed Ducks Unlimited limited edition prints including "Rookie, Chocolate Lab" pen signed by artist John Aldridge, 1992/2500 and "Great Beginnings" pencil signed by artist James K. Killien, 3765/5500

Lot 504-2

Alternate image

Lot 504-3

Alternate image

Lot 504-4

Alternate image

Lot 505

Antique Victorian four trumpet case glass epergne, 20" in height

Lot 506

Antique treadle "New Williams" sewing machine in wooden case

Lot 506-2

Alternate image

Lot 507

Two pieces of Waterford crystal including a trumpet vase and a 7" high bud vase

Lot 507-2

Alternate image

Lot 507-3

Alternate image

Lot 508

Three Medalta glazed pottery lamp bases, all No. 16

Lot 508-2

Alternate image

Lot 508-3

Alternate image

Lot 509

Sanborn air compressor-230 volt, 140 max PSI with extra hose

Lot 509-2

Alternate image

Lot 510

Selection of air tools including paint sprayer, metal cutting tools, nibbler, air saw, grinder, orbital drill etc.

Lot 511

Selection of air tools including new in box Campbell Hausfeld 1/2" impact, used 1/2" impact, 3/8" air ratchet, a hammer drill with bits, a cut off wheel, paint sprayer and half inch impact sockets

Lot 512

Washburn acoustic/electric guitar with hard case

Lot 512-2

Alternate image

Lot 513

Kenmore Model 158.19412 electric sewing machine in cabinet

Lot 514

Selection of new in box Fiesta ware including two three pieces sets of blue and two three piece sets of green including dinner plates, side plate and cereal bowl plus four coffee mugs, and a small portable camp stove

Lot 514-2

Alternate image

Lot 514-3

Alternate image

Lot 515

Antique dome top metal and oak bound trunk

Lot 515-2

Alternate image

Lot 516

Unframed acrylic on board still-life signed by artist Hortense C. (Matitice) Gordon '51 (1887-1961), 16" X 12"

Lot 516-2

Alternate image

Lot 517

Modern interesting simulated butcher's block cart with folding base

Lot 517-2

Alternate image

Lot 518

Blue and white scholar vase with silver-plate base and rim, purportedly 19th century, 9 1/2" in height

Lot 518-2

Alternate image

Lot 518-3

Alternate image

Lot 518-4

Alternate image

Lot 518-5

Alternate image

Lot 519

Selection of vanity collectibles including Russian papier mache boxes, perfume bottles, Royal Crown Derby thimble with box, purses, sterling ring set with peridot gemstones etc.

Lot 520

Singer Featherweight sewing machine with carrying case, attachments and separately cased buttonholer

Lot 521

Three aluminium display cases with Plexiglas tops, 36" X 48" X 4"

Lot 522

Victorian shadowbox mourning hair wreath with hand engraved cross "Victoria Boegel died September 23, 1896, age 41 years, 10 months, 28 days", overall dimensions 15 1/2" X 14"

Lot 522-2

Alternate image

Lot 522-3

Alternate image

Lot 523

An Oriental coloured glazed beads court necklace, purportedly transitional period

Lot 524

Large selection of hand tools on hand made rotating display plus power tools including drills, angle grinder, hydraulic jack etc.

Lot 524-2

Alternate image

Lot 524-3

Alternate image

Lot 524-4

Alternate image

Lot 524-5

Alternate image

Lot 524-6

Alternate image

Lot 525

Antique walnut refractory style dining table with insert leaf and five chairs including on carver, note comes with custom made glass protector

Lot 526

Hand crafted metal music motif fire screen and an upright bass motif wine holder

Lot 527

Gilt framed original portrait painting featuring John Stanislaus Townshend 7 1/2" round and portrait painting believed to be Martha Faulkner 8 1/2" X 7" oval, no artist signature seen

Lot 528

Swarovski crystal Polar bear, 3 1/2" in length with original packaging

Lot 528-2

Alternate image

Lot 529

Two antique side chairs including a Victorian slipper chair and a heart back chair, both with ornate decoration

Lot 530

Vintage tapestry with hanger, 66" X 26"

Lot 531

Selection of Swarovski crystal including a "Fabulous Creatures" display stand, Elephant and Swan brooches and small daisy flower

Lot 531-2

Alternate image

Lot 532

Framed giclee of wolves by artist Kromschroedes (?) and a framed limited edition print of a winter village scene signed by artist Lavielle (?) 272/275

Lot 532-2

Alternate image

Lot 532-3

Alternate image

Lot 532-4

Alternate image

Lot 533

Pair of antique oak slat back side chairs with carved back supports and claw feet, appears to be original finish and upholstery

Lot 534

Three glazed Medalta pottery vases including a 6" vase No. 604, "Asia" vase No. 2/10 and a 10" tapered vase No. 104

Lot 534-2

Alternate image

Lot 535

Tray lot of genuine freshwater and free formed pearls including necklaces, bracelets and bead strands etc.

Lot 536

Ceremonial crude jade face and a framed ceremonial spinach jade face

Lot 537

Two matching pressed back dining chair with lion motif back and a mismatched chair

Lot 537-2

Alternate image

Lot 537-3

Alternate image

Lot 538

Swarovski crystal "Hummingbird" 7615NR, 2 1/2" in height with original packaging

Lot 538-2

Alternate image

Lot 539

Ladies vintage 9kt yellow gold "Rotary" 21 jewel wrist watch on a 1/5th 9kt watch band, working at time of cataloguing

Lot 539-2

Alternate image

Lot 540

Swarovski crystal prism with Swarovski logo with original packaging and a Swarovski crystal egg, 2 1/2" in length

Lot 541

Mid 20th century Regency style center pedestal mahogany side table with lion's head motif decoration and brass capped feet

Lot 542

A reticulated russet "Dragon Toad" pendant and a cinnabar stone "Abundance of Wealth" carving

Lot 543

Tray lot of gent's .925 sterling silver rings including skulls, motorcycle engine motif, gemstone set etc. Six rings in total

Lot 544

Ladies 18kt white gold and diamond ring set with 1.00ct radiant cut pink diamond and 0.62ct of brilliant full round melee surrounding diamonds. Total diamond weight 1.62ct. Retail replacement value $20,868.26

Lot 544-2

Alternate image

Lot 545

Two pieces of red and white retro bedroom furniture, both fitted with drawers behind doors on chrome supports

Lot 546

Quality vintage large hand cut crystal bowl, 14 1/2" in diameter and 6 1/2" in height

Lot 546-2

Alternate image

Lot 547

Blue and white "To Heaven" framed tile, purportedly early 19th century, 22" X 13"

Lot 548

Selection of decor pieces including framed print of vases, four framed mounted object display and a two tier 37" high fern/statuary stand

Lot 549

Two doll's chairs including rocker and 33" high chair

Lot 550

Japanese iron sand side handled teapot

Lot 550-2

Alternate image

Lot 551

Vintage electric Strombecker racing car set with original box and extra track plus a selection of boxed Marx soldiers and a covered wagon mantle lamp

Lot 551-2

Alternate image

Lot 551-3

Alternate image

Lot 552

Tray lot of china collectibles including Japanese hand painted tea set including tea pot, lidded sugar and cream plus five tea cups and saucers including Aynsley, Foley etc.

Lot 553

Three assorted occasional tables including a semi-contemporary three tier what not, mid 20th matched grain coffee table etc.

Lot 554

Framed oil on canvas painting of a rural harvest scene, signed by artist and dated 1946, 23" X 35"

Lot 554-2

Alternate image

Lot 555

Selection of oil and gas collectibles including Esso grease bucket with pump, compressed air sprayer, assorted fuel cans, grease guns, oil cans, road flare etc.

Lot 556

Large blue and white duck pond charger, purportedly 18th century, 16" in diameter

Lot 557

Mini sized flip top Cratchet desk and chair

Lot 558

Selection of decor pieces including armillary sphere and book motif clock, and two lidded cans

Lot 559

An Asian "Red Hill" culture archaistic jade stone pendant and Sino-tibetan nine eyes Dzi bead necklace

Lot 560

Selection of collectibles including David Winter's cottages, Fraser Creations woodcutters cottage, Wine decanter/aerator with set of eight glasses, two glass plates, small needlework table with bobbin supports, tin with Currier and Ives print featuring Mount Vernon, and a three tier cake stand with glass top shelf

Lot 560-2

Alternate image

Lot 561

Two mid 20th century small occasional table

Lot 562

Framed European watercolour of a street scene signed by artist Marc, 12" X 8"

Lot 562-2

Alternate image

Lot 563

Three similar coloured Medalta glazed pottery lamps including Nos. 16, 17 and 18

Lot 563-2

Alternate image

Lot 564

Set of four watercolour on paper scroll depicting mountainous scenes by early 20th century artist, each 65" X 17" painted area

Lot 564-2

Alternate image

Lot 564-3

Alternate image

Lot 565

Sears 295 Amp arc welder with long cable, helmet and gloves plus a metal tool box with propane torches, welding and braising rods etc.

Lot 566

Large brass pan with extended wooden handle see stamp including date 1892

Lot 567

Vintage metal steamer trunk and a Dominion Luggage suitcase

Lot 568

Four free standing chrome retail sign stands

Lot 568-2

Alternate image

Lot 569

Oak framed tapestry upholstered folding nursing rocker with carved floral motif back

Lot 569-2

Alternate image

Lot 570

Swarovski crystal 1993 swan, in height with original packaging, 2 1/2" in height

Lot 571

Blue and white "Glorious Phoenix" scholar vase 13 1/2" in height

Lot 571-2

Alternate image

Lot 572

Three vintage non-working wrist watches including Rolex Oyster date, Tudor and Girard Perregaux

Lot 572-2

Alternate image

Lot 573

Regency style walnut dining set with drop and insert leaves and four lyre back dining chairs

Lot 574

Selection of Canadian and American Whitman coin albums, some filled, some partially filled and a large selection of foreign coins and some foreign bills

Lot 575

Seven Royal Canadian Mint decimal sets including two 2000 Polar bears, two 2000 Loon and three 2001 Elk

Lot 575a

Ladies antique Art Deco18kt white gold and diamond solitaire ring, set with .40ct Old European cut diamond. Retail replacement value $1,800.00

Lot 575a-2

Alternate image

Lot 576

Six Canada Post "Collection Canada" stamp sets including 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and The Millennium Collection 2000,

Lot 577

Delta 10" band saw, model #28-195C on metal frame with extra blade and manual, running at time of cataloguing

Lot 578

Matched grain walnut cedar lined trunk with flip up inner tray and drawer in base made by Lane

Lot 578-2

Alternate image

Lot 578-3

Alternate image

Lot 578-4

Alternate image

Lot 578-5

Alternate image

Lot 578-6

Alternate image

Lot 578-7

Alternate image

Lot 579

Collection of early Chinese metals and badges, circa 1950-70 plus two cased white metal tokens and two medallions in pendant holders

Lot 580

Abstract carved Inuit soapstone 8" in height

Lot 581

Three sections of English made mid century designed wall unit with assorted cupboards, draws and drops with smoke glass doors

Lot 581-2

Alternate image

Lot 582

Shelf lot of collectibles including large lidded box, silver plate tea pot and jug, milk glass syrup jug, cobalt serving tray, art glass basket etc.

Lot 582-2

Alternate image

Lot 583

Selection of Automotive repair and maintenance supplies including tool box with hand tools, diagnostic tester, battery charger, booster cable, heavy duty trouble light, fuel injector cleaner, stop-leak, car wax etc.

Lot 584

Ladies 14kt white gold and diamond ring set with center 1.00ct princess cut diamond and 0.27ct of brilliant full round cut melee surrounding diamonds. Total diamond weight 1.27ct. Retail replacement value $4,199.87

Lot 584-2

Alternate image

Lot 584a

Antique 9kt yellow gold, amethyst and seed pearl lavaliere / brooch set with 2.60ct of genuine natural amethyst gemstones and 39 seed pearls and a 20"10kt yellow gold curb chain. Retail replacement value $1,800.00

Lot 584a-2

Alternate image

Lot 585

Three mid 20th century side chairs, two of one style and a mismatched, all with matching upholstery and finish

Lot 586

Metal tool box with hand tools and a metal tool box with metal files, a portable air tank and a 5lb sledge hammer

Lot 587

Framed original watercolour painting of a wooded creek scene signed by artist R '03 (?) and a framed limited edition print "Windermere No. 15" pencil signed by artist Christine Hako-Oja 29/200

Lot 588

Antique gilt framed convex mirror with eagle and laurel leaf decoration

Lot 588-2

Alternate image

Lot 589

Two mismatched antique parlour chairs including open arm upholstered parlour chair and a neoclassical style arm chair

Lot 590

Horner Verdi I accordion and case

Lot 591

Collection of two central Asian "Red Hill" cultured stone figures, purportedly Warring period or earlier

Lot 592

Tray of ladies brand new sterling silver rings set with lab created gemstones and opal, 63 rings in total

Lot 593

Selection of Royal Chelsea "Golden Rose" table ware including six each of luncheon and bread plates, five teacups and four saucers, five demis and five saucers and two cake plates and two lidded spooners

Lot 593-2

Alternate image

Lot 593-3

Alternate image

Lot 594

Selection of antique auger drills with large selection of auger bits, plus pipe cutting and threading tools all in a vintage wooden tool box

Lot 595

Selection of vintage linens including cut work table cloth and napkins, damask tablecloths and napkins, table runner etc. plus eight gilt edged crystal wine glasses

Lot 596

Framed original watercolour painting of a river rapids signed artist M. Rafiak, 14" X 10"

Lot 596-2

Alternate image

Lot 597

Two tray lots of dolls including vintage hard plastic and celluloid dolls

Lot 598

Eight multi drawer storage bins and contents

Lot 599

Two shelf lots of collectibles including crystal vases, lidded dishes, shakers etc. Carnival glass, Holiday America delft style tiles, wooden salad set etc.

Lot 600

Heavy celadon fish bowl charger, purportedly 28th century and 16" in diameter

Lot 601

Antique mahogany center pedestal occasional table

Lot 602

RCA Victor Super Hydrodyne Model T6-1 table top radio

Lot 603

Two framed prints including Fisherman with friends and a lady relaxing in a hammock

Lot 603-2

Alternate image

Lot 604

Caboose style antique spindle back chair, a child sized maple rocker and a single poster bed with headboard, footboard and rails

Lot 605

Locking pick-up truck tool box (with key) and a 5' jack-all, four fuel tanks plus pry bars etc.

Lot 606

Selection of decor prints including florals, abstracts, prints of children etc.

Lot 606-2

Alternate image

Lot 607

Three vintage ships in bottles

Lot 608

Three tea bowls including creamy white pottery dish with painted crane, yellow glazed with dark splatter dish and a dark glazed pottery bowl, all purportedly between 14th and 18th century

Lot 608-2

Alternate image

Lot 609

Antique gout stool with huge selection of antique, vintage and new hat pins

Lot 610

Vintage electric fireplace, dog motif companion set

Lot 611

Two purple clay tea pots one with figural finial and a "Silent Spring" incised pot, both purportedly early 20th century

Lot 611-2

Alternate image

Lot 612

Selection of wood planes including Stanley and two Stanley angle finders

Lot 613

Pair of antique oil lamps with hand painted glass on cast bases, etched glass shades with chimneys, note mismatched fonts

Lot 614

White metal eagle, 6" in height and a crude eagle head German replica Nazi dagger

Lot 614-2

Alternate image

Lot 615

Ladies 14kt white gold and brilliant white diamond studs totally 0.50ct

Lot 616

Swarovski shell with pearl 7624NR, in height with original packaging, 2" in height

Lot 616-2

Alternate image

Lot 617

Simulated four section barrister's bookcase

Lot 618

Two framed geometric designed needlework, 22" square overall dimensions plus a vintage framed and a vintage oval convex glass frame

Lot 619

Ladies 10kt yellow gold ring set with two 0.80ct oval faceted ruby gemstones and two cubic zirconias. Retail replacement value $553.28

Lot 619-2

Alternate image

Lot 620

Antique crystal perfume bottle with British sterling collar and crystal stopper and a small cigarette case with tortoise shell style liner

Lot 620-2

Alternate image

Lot 620-3

Alternate image

Lot 621

Selection of vintage custom jewellery including diamante collar, earrings, shoe clips, belt buckle, hair comb etc.

Lot 622

A partial collection of Oriental education tokens, purportedly early 20th century and assorted tokens

Lot 622-2

Alternate image

Lot 623

Selection of Inuit carvings including a 10" high walrus signed by L. Tootoo, a carved antler base sans figure, a 13" long knife and a 5" high figure of a man, note each carving has distress

Lot 623-2

Alternate image

Lot 623-3

Alternate image

Lot 624

Selection of modern decor items including a leaded shade table lamp, mounted butterflies, elephant and palm tree motif mirror and large candle holder

Lot 625

Two Asian tables with decorative scenes

Lot 625-2

Alternate image

Lot 626

Five Canada Post "Postage Stamps of Canada" collectible stamp books including 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994, all in new unopened condition

Lot 627

Six Royal Canadian Mint decimal sets, all 1999 including three with two dollar Nunavut commemorative $2 coin and three with Polar bear $2 commemorative coin

Lot 628

Eight Royal Canadian Mint decimal sets including two 1996, three 1997 and three 1998

Lot 629

Selection of vintage collectibles including amethyst glass vase with feather plumes, "Countess Rose" teaset with matching cookie jar and shakers, lusterware tea set, Westmoorland glass comport, bisque figurine, plates etc.

Lot 630

Framed oil on board painting marked on verso "Summer Landscape with Barn" signed by Canadian artist Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald (1890-1956), 10 1/2" X 13 1/2"

Lot 630-2

Alternate image

Lot 630-3

Alternate image

Lot 631

Selection of vintage framed prints and open frames plus a Belgium made 57" tapestry

Lot 632

Folding "Lite" aluminium ladder, pedestal sump pump, appears new in box, electric water pump and a tractor weight

Lot 633

Child's sized open arm platform rocker

Lot 634

Selection of vintage and new hand tools including hammers, plyers, wrenches, screwdrivers etc. plus metal tool box and wooden tool box

Lot 635

Three vintage electric adding machines including "addo-x"

Lot 636

Selection of ladies sterling silver jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and ring

Lot 637

MIni rotating slat back display unit and a wooden tissue paper holder display, blister pack rotating display etc.

Lot 637-2

Alternate image

Lot 638

Four framed shadowboxed replica antique gun collages

Lot 638-2

Alternate image

Lot 638-3

Alternate image

Lot 639

Vintage framed print entitled "Above Greenwich" by British artist Charles Dixon and framed print "The Pilot" by British artist Norman Wilkinson

Lot 640

White bisque figurine of Queen Victoria 9 1/2" in height, note damage to fingers and a green mark Belleek leprechaun

Lot 641

Antique twist support fern/statuary stand 38" in height

Lot 642

Pair of hand painted unmarked possible Heubach German bisque figurines including little boy with sea shells and little girl with fish, both approximately 24" in height

Lot 642-2

Alternate image

Lot 643

Two antique hand enamelled and transferware pictorial double handles jugs 14" in height

Lot 643-2

Alternate image

Lot 643-3

Alternate image

Lot 644

Glass Oriental motif bathroom sink

Lot 644-2

Alternate image

Lot 644-3

Alternate image

Lot 646

Two antique bisque head dolls with sleep eyes including A.M 370 with leather body and repainted composition arms and legs, note eye chip, no other damage seen. Plus a Japanese bisque head doll on leather body with bisque arms, note damage to thumb, no other damage seen 17" in height

Lot 647

Two antique mantle clock including a simulated slate "Sessions" with applied cast decoration and a English matched grain oak deco style clock, working at time of cataloguing

Lot 650

Eight Royal Canadian Mint decimal sets including two each of years 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995

Lot 651

Seven Royal Canadian Mint decimal sets including 1970, 1974, 1980, 1981, 1982 and two 1990

Lot 652

Five Canada Post collectible postage stamps books including 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989 including all stamps from each year

Lot 654

Large 19" diameter hand hammered basin a Haida box and a hand crafted knife with copper handle

Lot 655

Four tall matching candlesticks, 18 1/2" in height and a candlestick with ruby flash hurricane

Lot 658

Selection of decor items including sundial mirror, birds on wire picture, bird cage, and a wood knot ball

Lot 662

Framed oil on canvas painting of a sailing ship signed by artist M.G. Friedrich, 24" X 36"

Lot 662-2

Alternate image

Lot 663

Pair of cobalt blue tower tea pots, and a blue and white "Dragon and Phoenix" moon flask, early 20th century

Lot 663-2

Alternate image

Lot 664

Large selection of quality crystal, most is coloured cut to clear including center bowl, vase, decanter, stemware and lidded jars

Lot 665

Three metal multiple drawer storage units

Lot 666

Small locking roller cabinet ( with key) and contents including heavy duty hydraulic jack, electric motor, selection of hammers, angle grinder, heavy duty 1/2" drill, electric sharpening tool etc.

Lot 666-2

Alternate image

Lot 667

Decorative glass table mirror with hinged side mirrors

Lot 668

Boxed child's china tea set and a glass dolly's punch bowl with four punch cups

Lot 669

Selection of vintage and antique purses including beaded and chainmaille

Lot 670

Root wood carved brush pot, and a ink stone

Lot 670-2

Alternate image

Lot 671

Swarovski crystal pineapple 4 1/4" in height and a Swarovski grapes on the vine, 5 1/2" in length

Lot 673

Walnut waterfall style cedar lined trunk with storage drawer made by the Honderich Furniture Company

Lot 673-2

Alternate image

Lot 674

Swarovski "Three Fishes" 7644NR, 2" height with original packaging

Lot 674-2

Alternate image

Lot 675

Swarovski crystal "Large Seal" 7646NR, 3 3/4 in length with original packaging

Lot 675-2

Alternate image

Lot 676

Swarovski crystal penguin, 3" in height with original packaging

Lot 676-2

Alternate image

Lot 678

Macaron button maker and a Prinz Enlarger, model 66 deluxe

Lot 679

Carved wooden brush pot, 6" in height

Lot 679-2

Alternate image

Lot 679-3

Alternate image

Lot 679-4

Alternate image

Lot 680

Resin cast of a bronze statue "The Three Graces" by French artist Germain Pilon, 13 1/2" in height

Lot 683

Portable hand crank Singer sewing machine in oak dome case

Lot 683-2

Alternate image

Lot 684

Three pieces of antique amethyst Carnival glass and a vintage green cased glass ruffled bowl

Lot 686

Seven Royal Canadian Mint decimal sets including four 2002, two 2003, plus one special edition 2003

Lot 687

Seven Royal Canadian Mint Vancouver 2010 Olympic Souvenir decimal sets and a 2010 non Olympic decimal sets

Lot 688

Six Canada Post Souvenir Collection of Postage Stamp books including 1979, 19801981, 1982, 1983 and 1984

Lot 688-2

Alternate image

Lot 693

Multi-tier open display shelf, painted white

Lot 694

Swaroski dolphin # 7644NR, 3 1/2" in height with original packaging. Note: Dolphin needs reattaching to base

Lot 694-2

Alternate image

Lot 699

Selection of tools including air die grinder, angle drill, callipers, staplers, squares, bearing and seal drivers, pressure washer sans hose etc.